Evie's Story

Evie Caris is my sweet baby girl, born November 8, 2012.  She was with us for four hours before going home to Jesus in the early morning hours of November 9.  

Evie's body was very broken - she lacked a bladder, properly functioning kidneys, her aorta was too small (aortic stenosis), and her organs were a mirror image of a healthy baby's (situs inversus).  Even still, we know that she was fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving Heavenly Father (Psalm 139). 

We miss her everyday but are confident we will see her again in eternity.  

See you soon baby girl <3 

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  1. She was beautiful. Look at that sweet face. I'm so sorry that she wasn't able to live on this earth, yet I'm also so happy that you were able to meet her and hold her and love on her for four hours. Four hours! That might seem like no time to some people, but for me (who is expecting a baby with an "incompatible with life" diagnosis) four hours....would be a blessing. Better than one hour. Better than no hours. I so badly want to at least meet my son and hold him and sing to him and whisper sweet words into his ears and look at his fingers and toes and kiss his sweet face...before he passes. I'm thankful I found your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine and reaching out to me.