Charlie's Story

Charles Alan (Baby Charlie) was our fourth baby, born on Friday September 18, 2015.  He was with us for just about 30 minutes before going home to Jesus.  We miss him every day.

Three ultrasounds told us that our baby was a girl and so until birth, we thought Charlie was a "Kate".  So any references to Kate on this blog are actually for our little Charlie-man.

At baby Charlie's initial high risk ultrasound, the technicians identified a splayed cerebellum, possible cleft palate, recessed chin (micrognathia), pulmonary artery issues, a small chest/lungs, enlarged kidneys, and clubbed feet.  Since then, most of these anomalies have been discovered to not be present.  Instead, a doctor that saw both Evie and Charlie's ultrasounds said baby Charlie had identical issues to his big sister.  The primary issue was that Charlie's kidneys were underdeveloped and nonfunctioning, which meant no amniotic fluid and poor pulmonary development that ultimately was his main cause of death.  There were some identified cardiac concerns (thick cardiac walls) that seemed to be just another symptom of the cramped growing environment due to lack of amniotic fluid.

We loved and continue to love Charlie so much and celebrate his brief life just as we did with Evie.  We know this was no surprise to his Creator and he, like his big sister, was fearfully and wonderfully made in this unique way.  While we do wish he could have stayed, we are glad he is a part of our story.  

Please remember us in your prayers.  We know the Lord will carry us, we just wish we didn't have these scars.  

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  1. Words are meaningless right now except to say, you are in my thoughts and prayers! I too have lost 4 children and it is an indescribable pain.
    Wishing you the best love and life from here on out!!!

    Mrs. Marsh

    1. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Marsh. It really is hard to live without those babies you love so much. Sending you love and prayers as well <3