Thursday, March 10, 2016

Take the Time

Monday was the release of my new Heart Lessons podcast, the culmination of almost a month of dedication and hard work. Read: my house did not get cleaned. For real. 

But it was worth it. I'm excited about that project and to see where the Lord takes it. Hopefully good things are ahead.

But, while the last several weeks have been filled with quite a bit of hard work, I've tried to remember to still take the time and enjoy the little things. I tend to get so, so focused on a task and hate having a project hanging over my head. But, I have two little ones. And a husband. And laundry (you too?!). So, while I loved getting the podcast off the ground, it was a challenge to balance it with the other life stuff (i.e. my house not getting cleaned).

Anyway, here are some shots that I took one afternoon after realizing my kids weren't going to need any less attention while I was so focused on my project. I guess I say all that to say this ... don't forget to enjoy the little things, even in the midst of life's business. There is a time for everything. Don't forget to make time for the things that seem small, like spontaneous jam/dance sessions filled with air guitar and synthesized keyboard show tunes on the virtually empty third floor of your home, for example. 

Those kiddos are my favorite.

I hope you guys have a great weekend <3 

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