Monday, March 7, 2016

Heart Lessons Podcast | Episode Two | Anxiety and Fear

On today's episode, Amy shares about her struggle with fear and anxiety and the panic attacks that resulted from those experiences. She shares how, through separating her fear object (anxious thoughts) from her fear experience (the resulting panic attacks), she was able to overcome this struggle. Amy praises the Lord for bringing her through, because it is his perfect love alone that can cast out fear.

I want to emphasize the fact that, this was Amy's experience with overcoming anxiety and we hope it can be helpful to many. However, if you feel you need to seek professional help in this area, please do. Click here for some resources on finding help.

Heart Lesson: Clean hearts, clear minds, can't lose.

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In the Arena of the Mind, John Vandegriff
What Women Fear, Angie Smith
The Christian Counselor's Manual, Jay Adams
She's Got Issues, Nicole Unice 

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