Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year

Today marks the end of 2015.  It's quite possible this year held more changes for us than any other year since we've been married.  

We started 2015 off quietly and calmly, with a plan to do some home renovation projects, pay off more student loan debt, and bulk up our savings account.  Everything changed though, with a single phone call one Friday evening.

With that phone call, Josh was offered a new job.  And that was the end of our calm 2015.

At the beginning of February we found out we were pregnant with Baby #4.  In mid-February Josh was offered a new job.  And at the end of the month, we traveled to FL for a family wedding.

Because the new job was over an hour away from our home at the time, we needed to move.  So in early spring we started house hunting. 

By about April we had decided to build in a new housing development.  We were also trying to figure out what to do with our home and thought renting would be a good idea.

On May 21st we found out the diagnosis for baby Charlie.  Another baby headed straight to Heaven after birth, another agonizing four months of waiting.

There was a lot going on in the late spring and early summer with buying a house and figuring out what to do with our other home.  We quickly realized renting it out was not a viable option and started the process of selling.  Our agent was amazing and our house actually sold before it went on the market.

Still though, back and forth paperwork with buying and selling was pretty stressful!  I'm so thankful we didn't have to show our house too!!  Not to mention, Josh started his new job in June and, since we were far, he had to spend his on call nights and weekends at the hospital and away from us.  A lot of the paperwork stress and details of closing fell on me.  Suffice it to say I was reallllly glad when that was all over!

At the end of June, Jocelyn turned one!!

Our Norfolk house closed at the end of July and the couple who bought it actually let us rent back until our new house was ready (super huge blessing!).  

We moved into our new home at the beginning of September.  Thank you again to all the friends and family who helped!  I was quite pregnant at that point and moving was just ... tough.  But we did and I spent the next week trying to settle into our new place, which is more than triple the size of our last house.  It definitely took some getting used to!

A week after we moved in, baby Charlie arrived.  He was a tiny little guy ... we wish we could have had him longer.

A week after Charlie came, my Grandma passed away.  The kids and I made the trek up to PA to be with family at her memorial service.  Even though things at home were very unsettled, I'm very glad we went.

A few weeks later Josh and I took a solo trip up to IN for a friend's wedding.  It was a quick weekend trip but it was really nice to be together.

A couple weeks after that, Josh turned 30!  We celebrated with friends and family and lots of yummy food (and, unfortunately, I can't find a picture ...).

Then it was Thanksgiving time.  Josh actually built our dining room table and we hosted the feast.  It was really nice to be able to do that.

Just a couple weeks later I turned 30 and then one week later Micah turned 5!  One week after that was Christmas.  So ... yeah.  Decembers are big for us :)

Looking back on 2015, it felt like such a whirlwind of events and stress.  New job, new house, selling a house, new baby, two family tragedies, milestone birthdays ... just ... a lot.

I'm praying so hard for a calmer 2016.  And maybe less surprises than 2015 held.  

Here's to a new year.  Happy, happy, everyone <3


  1. Happy New Year! May God grant you and your family much happiness in 2016! Thank you for sharing you life through your posts. You are courageous and strong! Stay strong in 2016!

  2. You are gem Sarah Rieke.
    You have risen to the challenges of 2015, finishing strong and victorious.
    I love how you do life <3