Saturday, August 22, 2015


Something was stirring in the invisible realm this past week.  The Lord was moving in the hearts of loved ones to pray for me.  I received many sweet texts from friends saying they were praying.  Another friend felt compelled to write a blog post requesting prayers for me.  A friend even texted me in the wee hours of the morning saying she wanted me to know, right then, that she was praying.  Amazing.  

I don't really know why, though.  I mean, last week was pretty uneventful and I felt pretty normal.  I had an appointment but it was fine.  That's why I feel pretty convinced that something was happening in the supernatural realm that we couldn't see.  So thank you so much to those that were praying.  One day in heaven I think I'll be pretty amazed for the Lord to tell me exactly what all those prayer warriors were battling.  Thank you so much.

While we're on the subject of prayer, I thought I might just share some of my heart and the things I've been praying for.  

First things first, a few updates.  It appears that Baby Kate has the identical condition that Evie did.  All the extra anomalies the doctors thought they saw at 20 weeks have been rescinded and the only thing that remains is the complete lack of a urinary system, and the lung and heart issues that result from that deficit.  

Another update - the placenta previa is no longer an issue.  Apparently it moved as my uterus grew and so a c-section is no longer necessary.  This is very good news.  Avoiding abdominal surgery is always a goal of mine.  So, very thankful for that.

The most recent change in birth plan is that Baby Kate is breech.  And with basically no amniotic fluid around her, the chances of her turning are almost impossible.  Thankfully the doctors at my practice are comfortable with vaginal breech deliveries, it just presents a unique twist in the delivery process.  

So, prayer requests.  At least, the ones I can verbalize.  All too often my prayers are, "Lord, please just ... I don't know.  Just ... the best."

But, anyway, here are a few things I've been asking the Lord for.  Feel free to join me if you feel led.

For me to get to the hospital at a good time.  Not barely in time, like I did with Evie.  Especially because we'll live a bit further this time.

For kind and compassionate hospital staff.  And maybe the chance to show Jesus to them.

For me to recognize whether or not I should get an epidural.  I've never had one and am much more comfortable with the pain of childbirth than a gigantic needle going in my back.  And the unpredictability of side effects, especially given the sensitive circumstances.  But, considering the breech delivery, it might be a smart choice.  Please just pray for wisdom in that area.

For the kids to be able to meet Kate.  

For us to have some time with her alive.

For her passing to be peaceful.

For good, sweet memories.  And at least a few special photos.

Smooth labor and delivery and quick recovery so I don't have to stay in the hospital very long.

For wisdom/ideas about a memorial service.  So far I've got nothin'.

That I won't be too overwhelmed with other life circumstances.  We are set to move on September 12th - about three weeks before Kate's due date.  So, new house, new neighborhood, new neighbors, new surroundings and then ... tragedy.  Could be pretty overwhelming.  

Wisdom for how to handle Micah's emotions.  So far he's pretty matter-of-fact about it all and we encourage him to feel what he needs to feel and not feel bad if he feels totally ok.  But who knows what it will be like once Kate is actually gone.  Josh and I want to be supportive of whatever his little four-year-old heart needs.

And of course, we plead for a miracle.  But, ultimately, Thy will be done Lord.  Just give us the strength to endure once again.

Thank you friends.  Your support is invaluable. 


  1. <3 <3 <3 Love love love you and Kate and Evie and Micah and Joci and Josh!
    We have been praying for "just... the best" possible things (given the circumstances) since the beginning of the journey. It's a terrible road to walk but we have complete faith the God will provide "the best" in each area-- even if it still sucks.
    And of course, whatever you need and want, is what we want to provide for you, during and after Kate's birth. We are some of your biggest cheerleaders and silent... hope-ers. Here for you, always.

  2. Praying, praying, praying. Adding you to our nightly prayer list. Thank you for the update and also your courage and honesty. I think the prayer "Lord, please just ... I don't know. Just ... the best." is the best prayer Ive ever heard.

    1. Thank you ... it's about all I have most days. Thank you for your prayers <3