Thursday, April 30, 2015

On Babies and Blogging and Where I've Been

It's surely no secret that this blog has been quiet lately.  Honestly, it's just been hard to fit blogging into my life.  Or maybe I should say, it's been hard to figure out what role blogging should play in my life now.  

Writing on this space was absolutely a lifeline for me during the months leading to Evie's death and in the heavy grieving months after.  And not only was it helpful for me, I think it's what the Lord wanted me to do during that time.  He had given me a platform and people were listening.  It was a privilege, truly, to be used in that way. 

Now when I sit down to write, the words don't flow as easily as they once did.  It feels like a bad thing, especially to me and my very task-driven personality, but I don't think it is anymore.  And I'm trying to be ok with that.

The truth is, my life is full.  I don't like using the word busy, but I can safely say my days are full.  They are full of caring for two amazing children and a hard-working husband and a house that spews laundry and dishes and plush toys.  Not to mention outside activities.  It's a good life for sure, just full.  And I'm not sure where blogging fits into that fulness.

There are also so many changes happening in our very near future.  First change will be Josh's new job.  He accepted a new job which will offer him an amazing opportunity to build his experience and professional skill set.  He is really looking forward to it and I'm excited for him.  But that job requires another big change ...

We will have to move across town.  About 40 minutes away from where we currently live.  It's not a drastic change, we'll still go to the same church and be close to family, but it's still a change.  And we're building that house from the ground up, which is pretty exciting.  Construction will start soon and take about four months.  Projected closing date is the end of September, one week before ...

Baby #4 is expected to arrive :)  Yes another sweet Rieke baby is on the way.  Another big, exciting change.  It'll definitely add to that "fulness" I was mentioning earlier! 

I also anticipate homeschooling Micah's PreK 4 next year.  That is certainly subject to change as well, but with so many new things happening (new baby, new home, long drive to his current school), I am already feeling the need to keep things close to the vest.  So that's a new venture.  But I think I can do it?

So that's where my heart and mind have been lately, in a nutshell.  Feeling like I don't have the same platform as before, coupled with general other life necessities and anticipating new beginnings, have left things quiet around here.  And, as I mentioned before, I'm going to let myself be ok with that.

That being said, I absolutely still feel very strongly about reaching out to mothers who have lost babies.  If you have a friend who has experienced this tragedy please, please don't hesitate to send them my way, via email or facebook.

Thank you friends for still reading and caring about me and my little family.  I am still here, just maybe in a different way than before.  And I think that's ok.  


  1. I very much understand what you mean about the blog, as I've felt uncertain with writing lately myself. So happy for all the exciting new things ahead for you and your family... prayers for peace and the energy you need during these full days! :)

    1. Yes! I read your most recent post about that. I meant to comment (sorry if I didn't). I feel so similarly to you.

      And thank you very much! Prayers are always appreciated <3