Monday, October 6, 2014

31 Days of Issues {Day 6}: I Wish Life Came with a Remote

Wouldn't that be great?  I mean, fast forward through tough times?  Oh yeah.  Hit the pause button to get a few extra zzzz's?  Sounds amazing.  Or ... maybe ... um ... turn some people's volume down?  Like, wayyyyy down.  

Bottom line, if we feel annoyed by people or circumstances, it's not our fault.  If only those things would change and then we could go on being the perfect little cherubs we always knew we were, thank you very much, sir.  Trust me, I'm right there with you.  Which is why these words stabbed at my chest to the extent they did (from page 30):

We'd rather pray for God to change our husbands than to give us patience.  We'd rather God give us the first job we apply for than increase our trust.  We'd rather have the relationship now than surrender to God's timing.  So we pray for our husband to change, for the prospective employer to say yes, for the boy to ask us out.  Our way.  Our time.
... It isn't surrender when you pray for God to change somebody else.  True surrender starts with arms outstretched and an open heart that cries, "Do what you will!"

I tend to fall prey to these ideas all too easily.  It's so much more work to do the hard thing - be patient, trust, surrender - than the "quick-fix" of the circumstance.  It's also all too easy to shift blame onto whatever or whomever is causing turbulence on our otherwise enjoyable flight.  

Those words really caused me to open my eyes to this reality and lately I've been trying to pray for the Lord to show me where to change in areas where I previously thought people and things needed to change.  It gets pretty tiring (seriously, Lord?  I have to change my attitude about this?  again?  when will it not be my turn ...??).  But it has been so beneficial. 

I encourage you to pray for the Lord to open your eyes to these things as well.  Instead of praying for change, pray for wisdom and virtues that transcend circumstances and relationships.  It likely won't be an easy process, but your soul will find rest.  


  1. Oh my so well said, Sarah. I just found out that you were doing the challenge also, and plan to check out your musings. So happy to see the next generation of women picking up the torch.

  2. Very convicting for sure. I like to try (*try* not always succeed) to ask myself how xyz negative thing is good for ME. Not how it can change by someone else doing something for ME that would make ME happier, and make MY life easier. But just leaving things exactly as they are, and changing ME first. Granted, sometimes things do need changing for others also, but it's not because of me. It's not to make me happier, or feel more loved, or be less inconvenienced. I will first learn to be content in all things, changing my own heart - usually the problem disappears (ahhhh, it was my problem after all!) - but sometimes not - doesn't matter. With the Lord on our side, the "annoyance" of the issue at hand is suddenly not really even an issue. If issue remains, perhaps others do need to change, and maybe I am the one to point it out, but hopefully not. God knows, and He can facilitate the needed change better than I can orchestrate. But the change in another is not for me or my benefit. I've already shown that my attitude & life is not reliant on how others are around me. Change is needed because it's what's good for that person. I think I've spoken to you about this before - an overarching theme to my (life and) parenting. Love always does what is good for another person. To know how to reach out in love to others? That starts with ME and God, together. Winning duo. Can't lose. Haha;-)