Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of Issues {Day 3}: Call It

While sitting in the first session of this Bible Study we were asked to share what we thought our main issues was.  Certainly many of us struggle with all of them, but there is likely one that beats the others, even if by a hair.  

Many women were brave and shared their main issue.  A friend of mine, a wonderful godly woman, raised her hand and said, "I think we struggle with these issues because we often don't call them like they are.  Instead of saying we're angry we call it irritation, annoyance, frustration.  Really, it's all anger.  And it's all sin."

Oy.  Ouch.  It's all sin.  

That put my heart in the challenging place of calling my issues what they really are: sin.  

My truest heart's desire is to learn these subtle tricks of the enemy to disguise my sin as issues that are commonplace and hard to recognize.  And I think it starts with calling it.

I tend to be a bit of a grudge-keeper (blech).  When my husband and I argue, even long after it's all said and done and resolved, I tend to want him to still know how angry he made me.  I want to be snobby.  When he goes in for a "everything's ok now" hug I don't even put my arms around him (sad truth, #notproud).  Instead I sort of lean in towards him in a very passive-aggressive "you come to me" sort of way.  Not pretty at all.  

But it's sort of harmless.  The fight is over.  Everything's good.  Except in my heart.  And that's where I need the change.  I need to call the shenanigan outlined above exactly what it is: the sin of unforgiveness.  

Are there things like that in your life?  I challenge you today to "call it" and see how the Lord works in your honesty and humility.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  James 4:6

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