Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Issues {Day 2}: Own It

The very first Friday of this Bible Study there was a stack of vinyl stickers with big block letters* and a name written on each one.  Kinda like this:

And we all had to wear one.  Our pastor's wife (aka my mom-in-law), explained her reasons for doing this.  She said when it comes to hearing about issues, we often write ourselves out of the equation.  We often hear a very convicting sermon and wish, "Oh man, I hope so-and-so is listening."  Or during our devotions we read a passage and think, "Sheesh.  What's-her-face really needs this verse."  We tend to see ourselves as the good son that stayed, all the while neglecting the glaring point that we are, in fact, the prodigal.

So we were all wearing name tags that read, hello my name is: She.  I am the "She" in she's got issues.  So are you.

My mother-in-law encouraged us to "own it".  I have issues.  My heart needs work first and foremost.

What are the issues, you ask?  

1. Control
2. Insecurity
3. Comparison
4. Fear
5. Anger
6. Unforgiveness

Do you struggle with any of these?  I certainly do.  With all of them.

I am she.  I have issues.  Create in me a clean heart, O God.

*10 points to anyone who can correctly identify the song reference

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  1. Yes, I have issues: control, fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity...thanks for sharing and being open.