Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days of Issues {Day 10}: The Other Side of the Story

This week I started reading on a new issue, the issue of insecurity.  My name is written all over this one.  I always feel awkward and struggle to say, be, and do the right thing.  I never feel like I've "nailed it".  It's frustrating and it's a struggle.  I did love this quote though:

What if we began to think of our insecurities not as shameful places to hide but as opportunities to see God working in our lives?

God can certainly use insecurities and feelings of awkwardness and jumbled up words to His glory, and I am thankful for that.  And I have a really great story for you.

A very dear friend of mine is also participating in this 31 day writing challenge.  She entitled her series, 31 Days with Friends, and earlier this week she wrote about me and a time when I touched her life.  Her words are very sweet and I am humbled that the Lord used me, but I absolutely can't take credit.  You see, I know the other side of the story ...

Amy came over to my house one morning to pick up something we had borrowed.  I immediately felt badly because I knew we had kept the thing too long and oh my goodness I should have been the one returning it to her and not the other way around.  Not to mention I was working in the yard and I was sweaty and stinky.  And my child was equally sweaty and stinky and probably wearing clothes inside out or backwards or some other creative combination of the two.  So there was that.

So Amy comes over and we chit chat a bit.  I asked her how she was doing and she shared a bit of how life was pretty packed right then.  Her son was moving out and getting married soon - pretty big life changes.  I don't know why but I felt moved to pray with her.  And by moved I mean my heart started pounding fast and I got butterflies in my stomach and I didn't want to do it at all except that the Spirit was moving me.  And so pray we did.

I don't remember one word of what I said, probably because I was so self-conscious about the entire process.  And after Amy pulled out of our driveway I felt so ... awkward.  My internal dialogue went something like this:

Oh my gosh that was so awkward.  Sarah, you are sooo awkward.  And you were so close to pray with her and you stink and your breath was probably really bad.  Oh my word.  Well God, I did it.  I obeyed and there it was.  Now can You please let her forget that ever happened?

But instead of forgetting about it, Amy remembered.  And it touched her heart.  And she talked about it in Bible Study.  And then she wrote about it on her blog.  Unbelievable.

If there ever was a story of God using insecurity and weakness for His glory, this is it.  I am living proof that even when you feel like you've completely messed up and dumped awkwardsauce all over the party, God can use it.  God can work in it and through it and in spite of it.  

Amazing.  I am truly humbled.  Really, truly humbled.  


  1. Love this story! Funny and sweet. Praise the Lord, truly!

  2. So great! I didn't know any of that. God truly is good and I am thankful you had the courage to obey His promptings. Love your blog posts and look forward to each day.