Friday, August 22, 2014

Family Photo Shoot

About a month ago, my talented brother-in-law, Luke, came over to shoot some family photos.  They are sweet and perfect and wonderful.  I hope you think so too.

I can't even say how special these pictures are to me.  The last two family photo shoots we've had (one shortly after Evie's diagnosis and the other on her birthday), were tainted with death and sorrow.  I can't look at those pictures without feeling, as Angie Smith calls it, the sacred dance of grief and joy.  And, because of that dance, I couldn't really bear to have those photos displayed front and center on my wall as a constant reminder to my ever-tender heart.  So in my living room remained family photos from when Micah was one year old.  But now ... now I can display these photos with a sigh of thankfulness for the sweet redemption the Lord sent to us late this June.  The sweet faces of my precious babies, one treasured girl represented by a very special locket around my neck, and their soft and strong daddy who loves them each in a very tender way.  These photos are such a perfect representation of life right now.  Sweet, and filled with thanks.

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