Saturday, February 15, 2014

Showing More Love: A Thank You from Yours Truly

Many of you have probably already seen these pictures, but for those of you who didn't, please allow me to share what our yesterday looked like.

In the 2:00 hour we learned that our sweet baby was healthy and growing right on target.

Then we revealed it was another precious baby girl!
And finally, her name and the special meaning behind it.
I could be wrong, but there's a good chance I was the most loved on person in the world yesterday.  I received so many texts and emails and facebook messages and sweet notes from you all just saying you were thinking of me and praying for me and Baby.  And I can't help but think those prayers had a great impact on Joci's growth and development. Interceding for a friend is one of the best ways to show love, and I certainly felt that love yesterday.

I've been pretty quiet about this rainbow pregnancy so far, but I think now that it seems things are going as they should be, I can share some of the thoughts and feelings I've had thus far.  But I think I'll wait until next month, so as not to take focus away from my wonderful guest posters and their stories.  I hope you've been enjoying their words ... I know I have.

Thank you again for praying for me and my family, which now includes sweet baby Joci.  There was no way I could ignore the expressions of love, love, and more love yesterday.  You are all wonderful.


  1. SARAH! This is so exciting! I love the name. I know how special this must be for your family. I'm excited to see/read more as your journey continues!

  2. So happy for your sweet family! And what a beautiful name and so honoring to her big sister in heaven. Love it!