Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Week (or so) of Small Space Living: The Bathroom

Moving right along with the layout of my house, the bathroom is next.  We renovated the bathroom about six years ago (what!?!?  has it been that long!) from what we assume was the original design from 1957.  The bathtub and toilet were robin's egg blue and I wanted a more ... modern look.  

The bathroom is small and presents some challenges, but I think the real challenge is just that it's our only bathroom, not necessarily its size.  Just picture three of us in there on Sunday morning (one of us with a growing belly) and I think you'll know what I mean.  But it really it's not that much trouble.

As far as organization in there, we have the vanity that houses hair products, etc.  And then underneath I have a couple of storage baskets with hinged lids, where I keep extra soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Pay no attention to the crooked drawer knob or the fingers in the shot ...  

There is one large storage cabinet in the bathroom, which houses linens and also typical bathroom items (towels, TP, etc.)  A word on towels and sheets, again, we only have what we need and not much extra.  Sheets and towels are washed every week, so the small quantity doesn't generally present a problem.  

I have more bath towels (stack on the left) ... it was laundry day.  The stack fills up that whole side.

I also like to keep the bottles, containers, etc. housed in little baskets as well.  It just keeps things so much neater.  Not everything can fit neatly into a basket, but it helps to have most things corralled together.

The key to keeping these drawers organized (drawerganization haha!) is these awesome little white baskets.  If I remember correctly, you can buy a set of three for $1 at WalMart, and it is sooo worth it!  

Another great purchase, although a bit pricey ($7or $8 each, I think) is these decorative command hooks.  They just look a bit more permanent and refined than the regular white plastic ones, and I wanted something that didn't look college dorm-ish.  Perfect for hanging towels and robes, especially fluffy puppy robes for certain snuggly three year olds.  

I think that's all!  Our cute little bathroom :)  Thanks for stopping by.  

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  1. This is my third time trying to comment on this (it's me, not you). But I keep saying that you are super good at being organized - small spaces are tough on storage.