Monday, December 16, 2013

Life Lately (in pictures)

Oh my goodness, it has been crazytown around here!  So many events, good events, but ones that require lots of prep work or an entire day away from home or both!  It's good though, very good.  Here's some proof that we're still alive and well ...

Decorating our Christmas tree - could he be any more handsome?!

I made over 9 dozen cookies for our Ladies Christmas Party!  They are not all pictured here ...

Happy 50th Birthday to my beautiful mother!  Fun fact: my mom and I share a birthday :) 
Dessert table for the birthday festivities.  Kudos to my dad and husband for setting up all this loveliness while I was engaged in surprise birthday party distractions.
Josh's graduation party. 
My dancing buddy.  And by dancing, I mean something that looked like a kettle bell workout.

Baby #3 and me ... 11 weeks <3

Josh's graduation!  He's the one in the square hat and black robe ... 

My grad and me.  Would you like to know the secret to my hair?  Just walk around in the wind and drizzly cold rain for about 10-15 min.  Works every time ;) 
Our dad grad.  So proud of him.  Josh Rieke, CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)
And there are a few events not pictured, and a few events coming up this week, including my sweet boy's third birthday, so I'm thinking life will feel pretty busy up through Christmas.  But there are so many good things, really good things, that the busyness is really ok.  

How about you?  Has your holiday season been as exciting as mine?


  1. I am so happy to let your joyful season spill into my own heart a bit! Crazy busy here too, mostly good, just like yours. Loving the God who proves His love for me, daily, and astonished about it, daily! Merry Christmas lovely niece <3

  2. You're so funny:-) Happy to read your updates!