Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Micah!

How do you wish a happy birthday to your favorite person?  How do you speak life into a soul that can't quite understand the magnitude of what you feel for them or even just the meaning of some of the words you would choose?  Maybe the best thing to do is speak their language.

Micah, mommy thinks you are just the best kid ever.  I think you are brave and cute and funny and smart and special and handsome and clever. 

You make me smile on the inside every day.  And remember baby Evie?  When mommy was so sad for a long time?  Well taking care of you gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Thank you for that.   

I love how funny you are and how much you remind me of your daddy.  And I love watching you play and the clever little dialogues you imagine between Iron Man and Captain America (hey Iron Man, want to go to Panera for some soup?).  Every day I marvel at your language skills and crack up at some of the words that have made it into your vocabulary.  You are one smart cookie.  

There's something about the way you smile that makes me want to be with you, even after you've kept me up for hours at a time at night or made a yucky mess in the bathroom, stepped in it, and then tracked it around the hallway.  It's in my heart to love you no matter what.  I hope you always know that.

I love how much you talk to me.  Your little heart opens up when we swing together or rock right before bed or when I sit with you and watch Curious George.  Those moments are my favorite.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite buddy.  I love you as big as our house.  


  1. Precious post and pictures. I didn't realize Micah was so close in age to my Miracle.

  2. So cute. Happy Birthday to your baby!

  3. I think he'll love your little birthday note all his life, Sarah.

  4. So sweet Sarah, it melts my heart! Happy birthday to my sweet grandson!!
    Micah, Mamma loves playing with you! I love when I ride the yellow motorcycle and you and Pappa ride the green motorcycle, and we drive to the park.

  5. He is such a cutie... his smile is contagious!!