Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Start of Forever

One day a tiny pink seed was planted on earth.  And the seed began to grow ... 

The tiny pink seed grew and grew and grew into a little girl.  And the little girl could hear.  She would hear a soft, gentle voice and and then feel soft caresses all around her.  And then she would hear a deep, steady voice who would whisper close.  And she would also hear a small, high-pitched voice.  And hearing that voice was often combined with being squished and pushed around.  And the little girl would kick back so she could let that voice know this was her space!  It was a fun game she liked to play.  

But for all the nice voices the little girl heard she couldn't really see - it was dark all around her.  And she was kind of squished.  And the longer she was there, the more squished she became.  What a strange place this is!  The little girl thought.

Then suddenly, the little girl left the place where she had been and was thrust into a brightly lit room.  There was a great deal of commotion and lots of voices that she did not recognize.  And hands that she had never felt before.  Oh my!  What a strange place!  She thought.

But after a little while she felt much better.  She heard the deep steady voice whispering kindly to her and tenderly stroking her arm.  Shortly after, she was wrapped up and handed to the gentle voice.  And the gentle voice planted kisses all over her face.  The little girl liked that very much.

And then the little girl was held by many other people.  Voices she had heard before.  They all told her how pretty she was and how much they loved her.  The little girl wanted so badly to answer back, but she felt so weak.  When she tried to say hello, all she could muster was a small sound like a kitten.  Oh!  What a very strange place!  The little girl thought.

The little girl liked being with these voices.  But, most of all, she liked being with the gentle voice and the deep steady voice.  One time she mustered all the strength in her little body and tried, as hard as she could, to open her eyes to see them.  She managed to open one eye and let out another small, kitten hello.  And she heard the gentle voice squeal in excitement and then pull the little girl close and kiss her all over.  This made the little girl happy, although she wished she could do more.  What a strange place!  She thought.

After a long while being near the gentle voice and the deep steady voice, the little girl felt herself becoming weaker and weaker.  Again, she tried to speak to them, but now she could hardly catch her breath.  What a strange place, she thought, what a very ... strange ... place ...

No sooner had these thoughts exited the little girl's mind then she felt a pair of very strong hands wrap around her.  She looked up to see a beautiful winged creature, radiant with light. And he flew her up, up, up.  

Very soon the little girl found herself transformed and whole and standing before the most magnificent gate.  It was golden and sparkled under the radiant sunlight and was surrounded by wispy white clouds, curling and unfurling around it's arc.  The winged creature that brought her here smiled a strong, kind smile, and opened the gate.  The little girl peered inside.  She saw the Father and the Son standing a few feet past the gate, behind a glistening crystal podium that sparkled with rare gemstones.  As soon as she saw Them, she knew.  

Oh!  This is not a strange place at all!  This is the place I was meant for!

She walked forward with newfound confidence toward the Father and the Son.  As she approached, the Father looked at her with kind eyes and a welcoming smile.  Planted firmly on top of the crystal podium was a very large book.  The little girl walked over to the podium and stood on her tiptoes as high as she could.  Her beautiful blue eyes could just see over the top.

"What's that?"  she asked the Father, peering over the edge of the podium, pointing at the book.
"It's My special book.  The Book of Life.  The names of all those who trust My Son as Savior are written in here.  And those are the ones that can enter my Kingdom."  
"Oh!"  The little girl said.  "Is my name in there?"  She asked inquisitively, cocking her sandy blonde head to one side.
The Father's eyes sparkled and He answered the little girl with a voice like gently rolling thunder.  "Yes it is."  He said.  "Your name is in a very special section of this book - the section for children who leave Earth before they have a chance to choose for themselves."  He thumbed through the book. "Ah, yes.  Here it is.  Evie Caris.  Life and Grace.  Well done, my sweet girl.  Welcome Home."

Then the Son knelt down and embraced the little girl.  "Thank you for being such a good representative of Me on earth," He whispered gently,  "You are a special little girl.  I'm so glad you're here."  And with that, the Son motioned His crimson-tinted hand into the little girl's new world.  She could hardly breathe for all the beauty her eyes beheld!

Vibrantly shaded rainbows cascaded across a deep azure sky.  Pillowy white clouds billowed around the ever-glowing golden sun.  Lakes sparkled crystal blue, rivers babbled gently over smooth, pearly pebbles.  In the distance, the little girl caught the sound of children giggling and running and splashing in the water.  She knew that was the place for her.

The children of Heaven all played in a very special spot, a place where the green hills rolled on and on and there were endless adventures to be had.  The little girl soon made herself at home among her special heaven-friends.  And she had so many friends!  Special friends with names like Asher and Cyrus, Ellie, Maddox, Isaiah, Leo, Gloria, Jude, Addie, Sophie, Sophia, Ariella, Madison, Natalee, Ezra, AJ, Faith, Taylor and Frances, Eve, Lael, Cruz, Asa, Christian, Annabelle, Avery, Wyatt and Uriah, Jenna, Nora, Tossie, Maelle, and Oliver.  And she had many other friends, friends whose mommies didn't have a chance to name them before they left earth.  But they were special just the same.  The children there had all shades of eyes, hair, and skin, they all played together in the soft green grass and wide open fields.  The boys would fly kites and catch frogs and roll down the hills, laughing until their sides hurt.  And the girls would venture down to the caves where the lions and the lambs lived.  They would comb the lions' manes and use the daisies of the field and the lilies of the valley to make flower crowns for the little lambs.  The little girl loved it all so much.  

And some nights the children would all gather together and hear stories from wonderful people.  And these people would tell of how they parted seas and broke down walls with just the sound of trumpets and witnessed 5,000 hungry mouths be fed on just a few morsels of food.  And then the Son would come and sit with all the children and tell them stories of how much their mommies and daddies loved them and missed them.  And He told them that, one day, their mommies and daddies would come see them and live there too.  The children couldn't wait for that day!

One day, news came to the little girl.  Her mommy would be coming!  She could hardly contain her excitement!

The glorious day finally came.  The little girl stood on the tippy top of the tallest green hill overlooking all that was taking place below.  She kept her eyes on the pearly, golden gate, watching, waiting.  Suddenly, she thought she spotted something - someone!  She had the same sandy blonde hair as the little girl and light eyes too.  Could it be?  The little girl wondered.  Could it be my mommy?  The little girl drew closer to the woman who exchanged kind words with the Father and Son as they greeted her into ethereal eternity with a heartfelt, well done.  Once she heard her voice, that same gentle voice, the little girl knew for certain - this was her mommy!

The little girl ran as fast as her little feet could carry her, all the way down the hill until finally she found herself just a few feet in front of her mommy.  Her mommy froze.  She just stared at the little girl and placed a hand to her mouth in disbelief.  And then, very slowly, she dropped down to her knees.  

The little girl moved closer and closer, until she was just an arms' length away.  The little girl's mommy still just stared, tears brimming in the corners of her soft green eyes.  Not being one for silence, the little girl spoke first.  

"Mommy, it's me.  It's Evie.  Do you remember me?"
At the sound of those last few words that left the little girl's mouth, her mommy closed her eyes, the tears that had welled up finally spilling down her face.  Slowly, she opened her eyes, beholding the little girl for all the perfection that she was.  
"Oh sweetheart.  Of course I remember.  How could I ever forget!?" 
With that, the little girl leaped into her mommy's arms.  They held each other as tightly as they possibly could, whispering a lifetime of I love you's.  And tears of joy spilled down both faces, mingling somewhere in between the kisses and whispers and nuzzles.  

The little girl's mommy squeezed the little girl so close as she buried her nose in the little girl's neck, breathing in the aroma of her lavender-scented, sun-soaked skin.  The little girl squeezed her mommy right back, twirling her mommy's long sandy locks in between her sweet little fingers and resting her head on her mommy's shoulder.  

Finally they released their embrace and just stared into each other's faces, wiping away tears, brushing tear-soaked golden strands out of each others eyes, and feeling inside all the warmth and love they had missed from each other over the years.  And they giggled with joy.  

After a time, the little girl helped her mommy back to her feet.  She slipped her sweet tiny hand into her mommy's larger one.  Hand in hand, they looked out into their new world together. The rolling green hills, crystal clear waters, and sandy shores - this was their world.  

The little girl's eyes landed on her favorite place - the meadows and hills where the children played.  She couldn't wait to show her mommy all the wonderful things they could do together there. 

"C'mon Mommy," the little girl said, gently tugging her mommy's hand, "There's so many things I want to show you."

And with the golden sun breaking day over the emerald hills, the little girl and her mommy set out on a grand adventure.  And they smiled contentedly at each other, their eyes sparkling, and their hearts brewing with excitement.  Because they both knew, this was the start of something very special.  

This was the start of forever.


  1. I hardly have words... this is so beautiful Sarah. I love you.

  2. I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life. All their life in this world and all their adventures had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.

    1. This was my inspiration ...

    2. "The start of forever" was such a powerful way to put it.

  3. This is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much for writing this. My own sweet Oliver is in heaven with your Evie and I can't wait for the day, in God's perfect timing, that I get to join them.

    1. Amen!

      Oliver's name is in there now too <3

  4. The tiny pink seed blossoms <3
    Beautiful, Sarah!

  5. This is so beautiful... lots of tears here as I read this. <3

  6. This is beautiful. I've been thinking of Evie and your family all week. Love you.

  7. This is so good,sad but with a feel good thread.I'm glad I read it this morning.

  8. This is so good,sad but with a feel good thread.I'm glad I read it this morning.