Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days of Grace: A Summary and the End

31 Days of Grace
Day 31

I can hardly believe this is the end!  It's been really enjoyable for me to explore this concept of God's grace and all of its facets.

Here's just a little recap of the days (click here for the link list):

Day 1: How God called me to write about this topic for 31 days.
Day 2: Exploring what grace means to us who were once dead, slaves, and far off.
Day 3: Grace says ...
Day 4: Extending grace toward others even when we feel they don't deserve it.
Day 5: Extending grace toward others because we don't know their story.
Day 6: The hymn, Amazing Grace.
Day 7: A personal story of how God is speaking grace in my life with regards to my son.
Day 8: Exploring the idea that we in Christ are no longer under the law, but under grace.
Day 9: Matt Redman's idea of breathing in God's grace causing us to breathe out His praise.
Day 10: We are privileged to come boldly before God's throne.
Day 11: Sharing some worship songs about grace.
Day 12: Personal narrative on God's grace in my anxiety and unrest.
Day 13: The hymn, Grace that is Greater than All My Sin.
Day 14: Grace for yourself, in allowing yourself to rest.
Day 15: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and the grace we can extend to those sweet mothers affected by such tragedy and hardship.
Day 16: Talking about my grace, my charis, my underserved gift, Evie.
Day 17: We cannot earn grace by any works.
Day 18: Question for you: what is the opposite of grace?
Day 19: Grace quotes
Day 20: The hymn, He Giveth More Grace
Day 21: Empty to fill - we are able to give grace out of the grace we have been given.
Day 22: Answers from you: the opposite of grace is ...
Day 23: Overcoming my annoyances with grace.
Day 24: Article: I am a Christian.
Day 25: Happy Birthday to a gracious man.
Day 26 and 27: A little break.
Day 28: Accessing the grace that is already extended to us.
Day 29: A theological definition of grace, paraphrased.
Day 30: Types of grace.
Day 31: Today ... summary and the end!

This has been nice.  I've loved the consistency and idea of writing on a common theme. Maybe I'll try it more often ... 

Thank you to all of you who read the words here over the last 31 days.  Thank you for the love and encouragement and participation.  I hope you've enjoyed it too.

I'd just like to close this series with an excerpt from a book entitled, Threads of Grace: A Survivor's Journey.

God's abounding grace is never-ending and flows freely to all who accept it. Grace teaches us how to live.  It gives us the ability to survive hardships we never imagined possible.  It not only allows us to walk through the valleys of life, but enables us to rest while in the valley.  It forgives.  It heals the brokenhearted.  Mends damaged relationships.  Grace transforms lives. It offers hope to the hopeless and redeems the lost.  It paid the price for your eternal life.  It knows no limits and has no boundaries. It is a priceless gift.



  1. I've really enjoyed reading all your thoughts :)

  2. I appreciated this series and am sad that it's done! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and helping me to reflect more on Grace.