Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Grace: Self-Sabotage No More

31 Days of Grace
Day 28

This fall a friend invited me and a couple other ladies to join her in a Bible study on the book of Ephesians.  It's been a really wonderful study centered around the main message of the book of Ephesians: the work Christ has accomplished on the cross and how this can make a difference in our everyday lives.  Pretty powerful.

Those of us who are in Christ have access to so many blessings - so many graces - from the Heavenly Father.  These graces include, but are certainly not limited to, redemption from our sins, peace through trials, guidance from the Holy Spirit, co-heirs of the estate of Heaven. God's grace toward us includes some really big things that can make all the difference in our lives as we walk as lights in this dark world.  

The biggest thing the Lord was impressing on my heart while studying this concept of God's blessings for His children was the idea of self-sabotage.  Here are a couple of lines from my workbook reflections:

God wants to pour His blessings on me - they are readily available to me.  But, it is up to me to tap into them.  What a strangely disconcerting thought that I might sabotage myself right out of grace and perfect peace.  

Grace, peace, joy, wisdom ... these are blessings the Lord desires to give to me - very much so!  But, it is still up to me to ask for them and follow through on the actions necessary to tap into those blessings.  Peace is rarely attained without surrender, joy rarely attained without thanks, wisdom without humble pleas.  

God is just waiting (waiting!) to give us these graces that would unlock true gospel-living. Let's no longer engage in self-sabotage.  Let's be humble enough to recognize our ineptness and invite the Lord to shed His graces on us, moment by moment.

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