Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Grace: Question: What is the Opposite of Grace?

31 Days of Grace
Day 18

These words, although I can't remember when I first saw them, will most certainly not be leaving my mind anytime soon.  Convicting and thought-provoking and, in my opinion, very accurate, which allows me to seek out the tools necessary for the hunt and kill.  You know they say the first step to fixing a problem is to identify it?  Well, problem identified: fear.  Proceed with game plan development.  But I don't want to talk about faith or fear or doubt.  I want to talk about (you guessed it ...)


The above words also started me thinking ... if fear is the opposite of faith, then what is the opposite of grace ?(are you having horrible SAT analogy section flashbacks?  sorry about that.  not my intention ...). 

I actually don't have any thoughts on this yet so ... I wanted to enlist your help!  Would you be so kind as to give the question a thought and respond, either here, on facebook, or via email?  I would really love to hear your thoughts.  

What is the opposite of grace?  


  1. What a thought provoking question! My first thought is that the opposite of grace would be a sticker chart :P
    Like when a child is being toilet trained, they get a sticker each time they go in the potty/toilet, and then get a reward at the end? They have to earn that reward; we cannot earn grace.

  2. This may sound odd, but I would venture to say that the opposite of grace is justice. Grace, like mercy, is the unmerited support and love that is bestowed on us regardless of whether or not we deserve it. Justice, on the other hand, means we are judged and treated fairly based on what our behavior shows we deserve. With one, we get what we deserve-- with the other, we get what we do not.

    But I do not think either is bad (justice or grace) and I think our God is both. Which is all part of the unfathomable nature of Christ. Justice and grace in perfect combination. Great question! It was an interesting one to consider.

  3. Un-grace? Treating a person only as well as he deserves to be treated, or perhaps only minimally better than he deserves to be treated.

    Policy? (Law?) Treating the other person in accordance with an impersonal calculation.

  4. Ah sorry this is so late! I tried to post from my phone but it didn't go thru. The first thought that came to my mind is judgement. For me, I feel like I am making assumptions about people's intentions and therefore judging them, rather than showing grace.

  5. Sorry, I'm late here, catching up on all my reading from my "family vacation" - I would perhaps say the opposite is law - in that Biblically we move from Old Testament law (things to do and not do), and we move into grace - lines could be blurred here, compared to the (off the top of my head), the law would say not to work on a Sunday (holy Sabbath), but Jesus picked the wheat (wheat? I think it was that), and everyone got upset for His disregard of the laws of the Sabbath. Perhaps they were over zealous in their definitions of the laws given, or perhaps that is just the way of human nature. We always over react, don't we? We are too law-abiding and judgy of those that don't meet our standards, or we are so lax and call it "freedom under grace to do as we please". And we miss God in it, because He's not there (you know what I mean, I know He's everywhere and in all things, but that we go so far one way or another that we're straying from the "narrow way") A few thoughts anyway, as you formulate your own.

  6. By the way, as a note of encouragement, I am enjoying your series this month - and that is a big compliment, because most (not all) of the blogs I am following that are doing this 31 day thing are now so super boring. Yawn. I guess it's not only difficult to write about a subject for that long, it's also difficult to READ about a subject for that long. Haha. I'm struggling in my dedication to be a faithful follower, I guess:-) But your series has been refreshing on the whole, and thought provoking, and I've enjoyed it. Kudos