Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days of Grace: Not of Works

31 Days of Grace
Day 17

Here is another really fantastic attribute about grace: 

Not only is grace, by definition, something we don't deserve, it is also something we can't earn.  All the striving in the world couldn't earn us more of God's grace - He has already given it freely through His Son.  

As one who feels the need to work incredibly hard and push herself to be more and do more (I like to think this is an oldest child trait ... it's probably more like a me, sin, pride trait ...), the fact that I don't have to kill myself working to earn God's grace - well that's just about the dandiest thing I ever heard.  

And, it saves me on the other side as well.  I don't have to feel judged by others on my works (or lack thereof), or feel puffed up enough to judge those who don't measure up to my glorious standards - we all equally don't measure up.  And this is no everyone-gets-a-trophy-so-no-one-feels-bad sort of thing - this is the real deal where our sin makes all of us just plain bad.  But God ... 

I am saved by grace - it is God's gift to me and nothing I can earn for myself.  

Exhale with relief.  

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