Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days of Grace: Happy Birthday

31 Days of Grace
Day 25

Arguably one of the most important aspects of grace is grace lived out.  Grace extended to others out of love and understanding.  Today I am wishing a happy, happy birthday to my wonderful husband who has extended such grace to me always, but especially over this last year.  He has hugged me and let me cry countless times and always told me it was ok to feel sad and there was nothing wrong with me.  He has been ok to eat frozen pizza or the same hamburger helper meal several times in one week.  He has been patient and understanding and supportive during my healing journey.  He has been gracious, full of grace, and I would be very different today had he not extended that grace to me during my time of deepest need.

Happy Birthday, Joshy.  I love you forever.


  1. It's in marriage and parenting, I think, that grace is most learned and most tested.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! I know what it's like to have such a gracious man (though I'm sure you are just as good to him), and I know that it is an amazing gift!

    1. Obviously, this is from ME, SARAH, not my husband :) OOPS! I was logged in to his account. Feel free to delete this if you need, as it sounds a bit creepy!

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    3. Haha, no worries! Thank you for the birthday wishes <3