Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little Ladybug Shoppe - Memory Boxes

Shortly before leaving the hospital after Evie died, the nurse came in and placed two gifts on the windowsill.  One was a small box, pink and blue, with a sweet little giraffe hand-painted on the lid.  A memory box.  The other gift was a purple crocheted blanket, no doubt hand-crafted with love and care as the individual who made the blanket knew exactly the type of mommy it would be going to.  

I clung to these two gifts as the nurse wheeled me down the hall, into the elevator, and into the hospital lobby.  Leaving the hospital without my baby girl is, without a doubt, one of the worst experiences in my life to date.  And while I would have traded almost anything to exit that sterile place cradling a healthy Evie, I was grateful to have the memory box and crocheted blanket clutched to my chest.  

Yesterday I had the privilege of bringing two handmade memory boxes to our local hospital. They were both made with care, as well as the contents inside.  I brought them to the women's bereavement counselor who was very sweet and took the time to thank me and chat with me a while.  It was a lovely experience.

I don't want to use the word "excited" because I know giving these gifts means they will be given to two very bereaved families, but I think there is something really special in working hard to make these gifts to communicate worth in these little lives gone far too soon.  I am praying hard over each one in hopes that the experience of losing a child will send these mommies running to Jesus, and not away from Him.

I donated these items to the hospital where Evie was born, but I think almost every hospital has this sort of program for families who lose infants.  If you enjoy painting, sewing, crocheting, or knitting, maybe consider donating a few items to your local hospital for hurting mommies to take home with them.  It really is a wonderful blessing.


  1. I love this and love you. Such a gift for these mothers. I can only imagine how much I would need to have something physical to cling to during that time-- a blanket or box can make such a difference.

  2. Such a nice idea, Sarah. May God bless you for this. And may God use you to be a blessing to others.