Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Conference Weekend

Well many of you know I trekked up to Hershey, PA with my sweet mother-in-law this weekend to attend part of the annual Joyce Meyer conference.  As I said last week, I really felt like the Lord gifted this opportunity to me and so I was excited to go and see what He had for me.  

To be perfectly honest, the weekend was a little different than what I was anticipating.  And, to be even honest-er (not trying to be offensive here, just honest)some of Joyce Meyer's theology is not the same as what I have come to believe as true, and so there were moments when I had to be discerning instead of being able to freely drink of what was being offered.  But, truth was definitely spoken.  And if all truth is God's truth, shouldn't I be able to glean and gather those truth-nuggets wherever they may be found?  

And so that's what I did and that's what I have: a satchelful of truth-nuggets that I took away from this weekend.  Truths on relationships and contentment, truths on God's goodness and love for me.  And, I also spent some wonderful time with my mother-in-law and we had some really great conversations.  And we shopped at the outlets there and came away with some awesome deals (necklaces on sale for $5 at the Loft ... hello!).  

Overall it was a really beneficial experience and I am really glad we took the time to go.  Or, I guess I should say, I'm really glad my mother-in-law loves me enough to entertain my whims and drive me six hours each way. :)  And I'm thankful for family who hosted us so graciously.  

One part of the conference that was really special to me was the worship.  A friend who lost her sweet son about a month after I lost Evie said she loves thinking about him while she is worshipping in church because she knows that is what he is doing all day in his heavenly life.  Since hearing those words, singing to the Lord has new meaning to me because, in essence, it's something Evie and I are doing together.  There are no more moments to build with her here, but thinking about her in Glory praising the Father and me here doing the same ... it just feels really special.

What will worship look like in Heaven?  Who can know?  But when thousands of voices are lifted in unison giving thanks for what God has done ... maybe it's a tiny taste of things to come.
All in all, I'm grateful for what this weekend gave me.  And I look forward to sharing more "truth nuggets" with you.  

Did the Lord give you any nuggets of truth this weekend, maybe in an unexpected place?  


  1. From Shadow of the Almighty~The Life and Testament of Jim Elliott, He quoted "from Marcus Aurelius: "A man's thoughts dye his soul." Constant dwelling in the words of the Lord dyed Jim Elliott's soul, and it's colour was not hidden from his fellow students."
    I long for that to be my truth.

    1. "A man's thoughts dye his soul" ... I love that.

  2. My nugget: Few of my fears every really come to life-- but still, I waste far too much time on them without trusting that "all things work for good." This nugget comes from my recent home buying experience and my overwhelming fear of choosing the wrong house or never finding something suitable for our family.

    So glad you had a good experience at the conference!

    1. That's so true! I once heard a wise woman say, "God will give you the strength to go through something, but not the strength to worry about it." I think about that all the time ... how often something I'm so worried about never even becomes an issue. And, if it does, God will give me what I need.

      I'm so glad you found the perfect home! I just read that post ... can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. I absolutely love that idea about worship - it's something we are doing *with* our babies. I find worship hard, mostly because church is a place I had pictured going with Ariella, so being there without her is hard! But I really love the thought of it being something her and I are doing together!

    I'm so glad you were able to glean some things from the conference. I agree with you about some of Joyce Meyer's theology, but she does have some good things.

    1. I love that thought too ... all worshipping together <3

      There were some really great things there and I am grateful to have gone.