Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Hope I Always Remember

Seeing your little face so close to mine in the morning, eager eyes, an eager question, "Mommy all done seepin'?"

The way I ask what you want for breakfast and you pause thinking a while ... and yet always give me the same answer.  "Ummm ... hmmm ... wet's see ... how about ... eepmole.  Yeah, yeah, eepmole."  (oatmeal).

Your love for coffee (two drops in your own mug of mostly whole milk).  

The way you come up to me with a satisfied grin on your face after taking a drink and proudly display your "water mustache".  
(He's showing off his coffee mustache in the picture above ;)

The biggest blue eyes imploring, "Mommy, pway (play) wif me?  Pway wight sabas?"

The way you make up songs, your very own lyrics, very own tunes, and then, feeling very confident ask, "Mommy wike dat song?"  And my answer always, "Yes I do.  That's my very favorite song."

The way you request snuggle time and to watch a show together on the couch after a particularly unpleasant discipline struggle.  And I always do because I want you to know, what's done is done.  All is forgiven, all is forgotten.  

Your fascination with the mist that waters the vegetables in our favorite grocery store.  You start talking about it as soon as you learn that we are headed out for a grocery run. 

Your unabashed passion for singing the ABC's as loudly as possible while we're out.  My theory is you like the echo of your voice that only a super high ceiling can provide.  And yes, people do stare and occasionally finish the song with you.  You're not a huge fan of that. 

The way I hear my own words used back at me:
"Mommy, wook at my eyes."
"Mommy, I don't fink dat's a good choice."
"Mommy!  I so ploud of you!"  

Your ever-expanding vocabulary, which now regularly includes words like strange, unfortunate, and gross.  

Your silly grin and infectious giggle and incessant cry, "Agin!?" 

The excitement in your eyes and voice as you open the door to let Daddy in from a long day of work.  And the way you always ask, "Daddy, fight wif me!?"  And you know, Daddy almost always does.  

The way you lean your sleepy head onto my shoulder and twirl my hair around your sweet fingers.

My words, "I love you to pieces, you know."  And yours, "I wove you to pieces too, Mommy."

The way you look when I lay you in bed at night - freshly-washed, wispy white-blonde hair, beautiful long eyelashes, a perfect nose, rosy, soft cheeks, the most kissable lips, and a chest that rises and falls with every dream-filled breath.  

Oh how I love you.  I hope you always know.


  1. love this! love how you put into words what every mother feels...and yes, I promise you, he knows. I see the way he looks at you & looks for you...he knows. you are such a terrific mother. I promise you, he'll always know. <3

  2. Love love love! They are such wonderful little gifts, aren't they?

  3. ~precious moments locked forever in your heart~ I still can remember and feel it all over again, even though my boys are all grown. When I kiss their face or hugs them, or when I look into their eyes, I see the sweet cherub faces of my little blonde hair boys.

  4. I'm not sure why but reading this has got me crying. I love reading about your little man and knowing how similar the feelings I have for mine are. Sweetness.

    1. We love our little men so much! Our precious "womb fruits" ;)

  5. When he's 30 years old, may the Spirit remind him of his Momma and her ways and words and her love!

  6. Writing it down is essential, you think you will always remember but new replaces the old and tomorrows take you further from yesterdays, and sadly, much is left behind. Treasure the now and keep writing your thoughts to treasure again later. Very sweet post Sarah, I coud almost hear my own babies ! <3

    1. I hope to always remember. I have things written down ... just need to organize them!

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  8. Such a sweet blog post about your boy <3