Thursday, June 13, 2013

Planning an Infant Funeral/Memorial: The Special Touches

Because I was anticipating losing Evie and knowing we would be holding a funeral/memorial service for our girl, I was able to add some handcrafted touches to her service.  I think it was a little mercy from the Lord - He knew how much I would enjoy crafting these touches of love for my baby girl.  

We had a small round table set up in the front corner of the room to display a special collection of Evie's belongings.  Some of the items were given to us by friends, some I had purchased myself.  The actual outfit Evie had worn was there as well, and her framed little feetprints.  Each item held so much meaning.

These were individually wrapped tissue packets.  I wrapped some in pink and some in white tissue paper, then wrapped that in a 2-inch wide strip of decorative scrapbook paper.  The ladybug is a rubber stamp I had, as well as the circle punch out and the scallop circle punch.  I attached everything together with a craft glue runner, which I usually buy at Wal-Mart.  There were 60 of these, placed on every other seat in the auditorium.

This part is my favorite.  The "Evie tree" as I affectionately call it.  My mother-in-law purchased a large glass vase and filled it with glass rocks.  She also scoured her neighborhood to find just the right branches to spray paint silver.  I found tutorials for the various ornaments on Pinterest.  

(I used a styrofoam ball, straight pins, and burlap)  
(letters purchased at A.C. Moore, adhered with wood glue)

Since Evie's Memorial was so close to Christmastime, I wanted to make a little salt-dough ornament keepsake for each guest to take home.  I used a small heart cookie cutter and a letter "E" from a cake decorating kit.  Once the ornaments were baked, I spray-painted them silver and tied a pink ribbon through the hole.  *Note* use a straw to poke a hole ... otherwise it's really hard to thread the ribbon :) 

We also had a guest book for people to sign.  I just bought an 8x8 scrapbook from the craft store and filled it with blank coordinating scrapbook papers.  I really appreciated having this to look back on and see the sweet notes everyone wrote.  This one is my favorite:

The dessert area was filled with special touches done by my wonderful friends.  A cake, beautiful sweet treats, fabric strip bunting, bunting with Evie's name, tissue poms ... see for yourself ...

 These extra touches made Evie's memorial just a little bit sweeter.  It felt like a beautiful birthday party for a beautiful little girl.

If you, like me, appreciate handmade touches, I encourage you to add them to your baby's memorial service - you will not regret it.  But, again, don't take on more than you can handle.  Whatever you decide, I know it will be just perfect.


  1. What a beautiful celebration of you Evie <3

  2. I am aware you "anticipated" the funeral of your daughter and I feel really terrible for you all. She was a gorgeous baby and she always will be, I just have a hard time with how it seems like you were decorating for a birthday party or a shower.

    1. We wanted to decorate that way because her life was celebrated that day <3