Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Halfway There

Yesterday I reached the halfway point in my cape making: 26 out of 50 needed (4 donated by a very kind friend).  

The headbands are almost complete, just in need of some alligator clips. 

After it's all done I will need to package and decide on set-up.  A lot accomplished, still a decent bit of work to go.

I am so excited and extremely humbled to be given this opportunity.  I'm also anxious.  If you think of it, please pray that I will be a blessing to these families and to the children and show the love of Christ in a very tangible way.  

Side note, I am trying to come up with a slogan for Little Ladybug Shoppe.  I was thinking: Handmade gifts for hurting hearts.  What do you think?  I'm open to suggestions - you can join the conversation thread on my FB page, or just leave a comment here.  

If you hear from me a little less in the next couple of weeks, please understand ... I am likely behind my sewing machine or wielding a hot glue gun. :)

For new readers, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to make and give out handmade gifts at a picnic for our local children's hospice organization, Edmarc Hospice.  In case you aren't aware, hospice services are only provided when a patient has been given a certain amount of time to live, so all of these children are dying from some terminal illness.  I want to be a little light in their lives, a light in an otherwise scary world. 


  1. they all look lovely. Praying for your endurance as you finish the project!