Monday, April 29, 2013

No Regrets

No regrets

In choosing to keep her

In loving her with all of me

In trusting the Lord blindly

In spending special moments with her while she was in my belly - talking to her, singing to her, caressing her

In having songs that remind me of my time with her

In buying her special outfits, toys, blankets, and even a bag with her name embroidered on it

In laboring unmedicated for her

In her crazy birth story.  The Lord actually eliminated so many of my anxieties by allowing her to come so quickly.  

In not putting her on life support

In letting Micah meet her

In allowing friends and family to meet her, hold her, kiss her

In giving her a beautiful name

In having her buried in a beautiful place

In celebrating her with a special memorial service

In allowing her to be a wonderful testimony of a great God

In keeping her memory alive everyday through this blog, pictures and mementos around the house, and speaking her name

That she is an integral part of my life, now and forever

No regrets


  1. Amen. And thank you. Thank you for letting us meet her, touch her little hands and toes, hold her in our arms, and kiss her sweet face. Thank you for sharing her and letting her change our hearts. Love you <3

  2. I love this picture. She is so beautiful.

  3. She is such a stunning little girl; so precious.

    1. Thank you Larissa, as is your sweet Ariella. <3