Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Developments for the Little Ladybug Shoppe

On my facebook page this morning I mentioned some really exciting news.  I really am so amazed at how the Lord perfectly orchestrated a wonderful opportunity for the Little Ladybug Shoppe.  

Last week Little Ladybug Shoppe donated several handmade headbands to the local children's hospital.  After that, I decided to pursue another worthy organization, Edmarc Hospice for Children, to see if they would be willing to receive some handmade gifts.  I emailed the organization and waited impatiently really patiently to hear back from them.  

In the meantime, I made a connection through the Influence Network with Ginger from Give Today.  She read about the Little Ladybug Shoppe and invited me to guest post on her blog.  The guest post has yet to be written, but soon.  

This morning there was an email in my inbox from Edmarc.  You should know that in the three days (a holiday weekend included ... I'm really not great at waiting) that it took them to get back with me I was really starting to get discouraged.  But as I read the email, tears formed in my eyes.  They wanted a donation!  But, not only that ... I will be allowed to distribute the items myself at the annual Edmarc family picnic in June!  I could not believe it!  What an amazing opportunity.  

And, with my near-future guest post at Give Today I hope to generate more traffic on my blog and, hopefully, more donations to the Little Ladybug Shoppe so that I will have to pay little or no money for supplies out of my own pocket.  It all came together so perfectly, like Someone's hand was in the whole thing ...

So for the next couple of months my plan is to make headband sets for the little girls and superhero capes for the little boys.  I'm not sure on how many of each yet, but I'm imaging quite a few!  

I am so excited about this opportunity.  Thank you for praying with me and for me and for direction with the Little Ladybug Shoppe and my blog.  Good things are happening. :) 


  1. How exciting!! We should get together and have a headband making party one day! I have no idea how to make capes - but I'm willing to learn! :) SO happy for all that God is doing through Evie! <3

  2. capes! Such a great idea! Everyone will love them! So glad everything is falling into place so perfectly (and quickly;-)...who likes waiting around? :-)

  3. YAY!!! That's incredible! I want to help too! :D

  4. amazing! I love that you are so excited and willing to give of yourself!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love that idea of capes for little boys!!! These kids are going to be so blessed <3

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