Saturday, April 20, 2013

I want to go Home

Our world is hurting right now.  Two major national tragedies in a matter of days - so many broken hearts.

Monday was such a sad day.  The tragedy in Boston had my head reeling and brought to mind so many heartaches that I've heard of recently - people losing loved ones, family members being hurt, more mommies saying goodbye to babies far too soon, children being abused and mistreated.  What a world.  My heart just broke.  I was weeping and pleading to the Lord to fix it all and reverse it and make this world a safer place.  And without much of a thought, these words surfaced to the forefront of my mind:

I want to go home!

It was a familiar feeling, a familiar sentiment expressed at a different time in my life.  You know when you're invited to a sleepover birthday party and somewhere in the middle of trying to settle down to sleep you realize how unfamiliar and uncomfortable everything feels.  All you want is your own bed, your own mama's hug and kiss goodnight, the feeling of being safe and sound in your own home - this party isn't as fun as you had hoped it would be.  And so at some point you sheepishly ask your friends' mom for the phone, dial home, and wimper through tears, "I want to come home!"

Home.  A zip-up sleeping bag on the floor of a friend's living room is not home.  Unfamiliar house sounds and layouts are not home.  And a world where people get hurt and die and where some have such twisted minds to carry out schemes in which they hurt and kill others isn't home.  

This world is not our home.

That's why all of this hurts so much.  God set eternity in our hearts, a perfect utopian eternity, and the world we live in doesn't measure up, not in the least.  This sort of senseless cruelty is so disconcerting because we were absolutely not designed to experience it.  God wanted Eden for us all.  Instead, we have a world saturated with sin and death and suffering.  

I am trying to still trust the Lord in all of this and turn everything back to praise and set aside all future worries about the world my son will grow up in.  After all, Heaven awaits us after this life.  In the words of Jesus Christ Himself,

In this world you will have trouble.  But don't lose heart; I have overcome the world.                    John 16:33


  1. I want to go home too - my hubby and I were just talking the other day about how much we long for Heaven.

    1. It's pretty amazing how having a loved one in Heaven makes you long for it. I suppose we can consider it a blessing to have such a reminder of eternal importance.

  2. I think the discomfort of this world is our Father's way of helping us keep our true "home" in view as we live for Him here and now.

  3. Wow, a totally different sentiment than I wrote on yesterday, but I noticed some parallels.... Being in a place that we don't belong...

    ...and yet we DO, because it is through this journey, that we come to realize the glory of God. Seeing the difference between the worlds wisdom the glory of God is an amazing, amazing honor.“God’s passion to be glorified and our passion to be satisfied are one experience, and a Christ exalting act of worship. We get the mercy and He gets the glory. We get the happiness in Him and He gets the honor from us. God is most glorified in us when we are passionate about HIm."- Piper