Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Things on the Horizon

If you are a regular visitor of Life and Grace it is likely you will start to see some changes/additions to this blog site mostly aimed at monetizing.  Let me explain ...

For a while I was very opposed to using my blog to make money.  To me, this is a hobby, a ministry, a diary of sorts and using it to make money seemed somewhat off-putting.  And that was that.  But somewhere along the way my thought process changed, and it changed because of the Little Ladybug Shoppe.

My intention for the Little Ladybug Shoppe is to donate handmade items to children in need, something to lift their spirits.  But certainly it would be impossible for me to purchase all the necessary supplies to make these items.  So I decided maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try and generate revenue from my blog in order to fund these little projects.

I am trying to make my blog more "official" and more worthy of generating some level of income.  If you haven't noticed, the url is no longer a but  I have already opened an amazon store with only items I would recommend and stand behind (it's mostly books right now).  There may soon be ads from other bloggers.  We'll see where this goes.  But money still remains priority last here at Life and Grace - I want my goals for reaching out to others to remain priority #1.  And all revenue made here will go into funding the Little Ladybug Shoppe, so that seems very worthwhile.

Thank you to all of my readers for your loyalty and support.  Your words of kindess and encouragement are truly invaluable.  And you have my word that if at any point this monetizing starts to negatively influence the content of Life and Grace, it will be gone in a flash.  


  1. Of course, I think this is a wonderful idea! I'm so excited for you!

    1. Thanks! Let's see if I can get anything to work haha!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Excited to see how it all comes together ...