Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hanging Pictures - An Easy Way

I am the worst at hanging pictures.  Seriously.  My husband always teases me about how many little tiny nail holes are in the wall after I attempt to hang some wall art.  It's not pretty.  I hate measuring and would be the worst construction worker of all time.  But I think I've developed a method that works.  If you're anything like me I think you'll appreciate it too.

Instead of drawing lines on the wall, using a level, etc., etc. I use computer paper or notebook paper.  If needed, just cut down to the size of the frame you will be hanging.  Mine were approximately 8x10 and so I left them.

You can mark on the pieces of paper exactly where the nail needs to go.  This is especially helpful if the hangy part of the frame is more in the middle than at the top.  Then tape the papers to the wall using whatever tape you have handy.  Scotch tape works on my walls but more textured walls might need something stronger.
The papers can be easily rearranged and maneuvered until you achieve the desired look.  Once you're satisfied, hammer the nails into the wall over the spot you marked on each paper and hang the frames.
And you're done!  Relatively painless, right?  Maybe now you won't dread adding a little pretty to your walls. 

My little man felt the need to hammer something while Mommy was too. :)
Have you added anything fun to your walls at home lately?


  1. Replies
    1. I loved your piping bag tip! I'll be using it for sure.

  2. Fun! -I like it! I want to do something like this over my couch... but nails.... hmmmm

  3. So smart. I'm terrible at hanging pictures as well. I will definitely be trying this. I usually just keep mentioning it to Billy again and again until something gets hung (gracefully, of course ;) )