Friday, March 15, 2013


God is good and everything He does is good (Psalm 119:68).  This thought is often written into the lyrics of hymns and praise songs, uttered at weddings and baby showers, and voiced aloud when blessings pour in.  But what about when something not-so-good happens.  What about when something bad happens?  What about God's goodness then? 

I am currently in the midst of the greatest heartache I have ever faced.  On July 16, 2012 my husband Josh and I went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound to find out the gender of our Baby #2.  I had anticipated a day filled with excitement, shopping trips, and pinterest searches for nursery decor.  What the day actually held was the delivery of the worst news I have ever received: the baby daughter I was carrying had several fatal birth defects and would not survive long, if at all, outside the womb.  It was horribly shocking and sickeningly gut-wrenching.  The idea of carrying a baby for 20 more weeks knowing she was going to die just made me nauseous.  And of course there was the question, why God?  If God is good and everything He does is good, where did good fit into this scenario where my baby girl would die?

To finish reading, please visit The Andrews Family Adoption blog.  Thank you Rachael for the opportunity to share my story <3


  1. Beautiful words that I needed to remember today, thanks Sarah!

  2. Absolutely! I love you heart for God and your trust in HIm!!! xoxo