Friday, February 1, 2013

family fridays

Happy February!  This was a pretty exciting week for us.

Josh finished up his clincial on the Eastern Shore and headed up to Washington DC last night for his month there at Washington Hospital Center.  He is excited to experience all that DC has to offer and expand his skill set.  We'll miss him here at home but I think it will be a great month for him.  

I had a first this week.  My friend Anna, who also happens to be an amazing hairstylist, came over and gave me highlights!  I have never had highlights in my hair and she just offered to come over and do it for me!  It's kind of fun to have something different.  

Micah is just at such a fun age.  He gets into everything and yet is so sweet.  His language skills impress me every day and I love listening to his thoughts on life.  And this week I downloaded some toddler game apps onto my phone for our upcoming plane trip and he is completely in love with them!  Peekaboo Barn and Preschool Monkey seem to be his top favorites, and he refers to them as "Pocone, Pocone" and "Monkey one" respectively.  Love it so much.  

Oh yes, this mess.  My mom asked Micah what he was doing and he said, "I pull, I pull, I pull it out."  Haha!  Such an accurate summary.  

As I mentioned previously, Micah and I are planning to fly out to Arizona on Monday with Josh's parents to visit my mother-in-law's family.  I am looking forward to a vacation and a change of scenery.

I will also be semi-unplugged for the ten days that we are in Arizona.  There will be no internet where we are staying and, while I will have my smart phone and not entirely away from internet access, I am going to try and take a little break from it.  I really want to take time and rest my mind and not feel pressure to answer emails, check facebook, etc.  I think it will be good.  You can still email/FB message me but just know it will likely be a couple of weeks before I respond.  

But since I do have my phone I plan to take lots of Instagram photos to chronicle my adventures out west.  So keep an eye out for new pictures as a sort of postcard from me to you.  

And another piece of exciting news - I will be introducing my first blog series this coming Monday!  I can't wait to share these posts with you, posts from wonderful women with wonderful wisdom to impart.  Stay tuned.  And, thanks to being able to schedule posts, the series will start even while I am away from my computer!  

I think that's all.  Thank you so much for checking in on us.  Have a great weekend. <3


  1. Breaks are good. We have your trip in our prayers. Love you, Rod and Chris

  2. What a cutie Micah is! Safe travels and have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thank you and thank you! I hope you have a good weekend <3

  3. Is your husband an RN too? Mine specializes in Neuro at Providence. He mentors student nurses for the college too. What is your husband's profession? Did we already make that connection?

    1. He is! He is currently getting his Master's in nurse anesthesia but he worked for 4 years in the ICU at our local hospital.