Monday, January 28, 2013

snow day saturday

Just wanted to share some pictures of our snowy weekend.  It rarely snows here so Micah didn't even know what snow was!  Last time it snowed Micah was one week old and we spent lots of time snuggling under blankets on our couch.  This year, however, we geared up and braved the cold and enjoyed our winter wonderland.  It really was fun.

me and my buddy

just explorin'
Wagon full of snowballs 

Micah and his "cacoon" hat

Making snowballs.  That was his favorite.

Love this guy <3

The windup ...
Action shot - snowball launch!
The remains of a good snow day
How about you?  Did you get snow this weekend?  But, more importantly, did you play in it ;)


  1. snow!!!!! woooooo!!! Glad the little man had fun! It seems to be a "once in a lifetime" kind of things around here. ;) well, maybe more like- once every couple of years kind of thing.

    also I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you didn't get to snuggle sweet Evie this year ...But surely Heaven has snow right?! It's SO beautiful and fun. It simply has to be there. Maybe they've been playing together. AND maybe it doesn't chill you to the bone! It's just fluffy and while and crunchy and soft and BEAUTIFUL! Perfect. <3 Love you.

    1. That sounds perfect. I love you too Lauren.