Friday, December 14, 2012

family fridays

It's been a pretty good week here in the Rieke home.  Here is what we've been up to ...

Josh hit a milestone this week ... no more classes!  Woohoo!!  He finished up exams this week and now for the next year only has to focus on the clinical aspect of his education.  No more tests or lectures, just lots and lots of OR experience.  And at this time next year he will be done!  It sounds so tantalizing ... 

Micah is living his last week as a one-year old and will be turning two next Wednesday.  What a fantastic almost two years it has been.  

On Wednesday Micah spent some time with Papa and YiaYia (my parents).  My dad was assembling my birthday present (a treadmill ... woot!), and Micah and YiaYia were having fun with the box.  And by that I mean Micah was insisting that my mom drag him around the yard in the treadmill box sled-style.  And, as you can imagine, he was pretty relentless in his demands for "gin, gin! (again)".  And like any good grandmother, my mom obeyed. ;) 

Evie.  I just can't not include her.  She is so a part of my family and I think about her as often as I do Micah.  I imagine she's learning lots of new things in her heavenly home.  And soon she will celebrate the most beautiful Christmas we can ever imagine.  I wonder what Christmas in Heaven looks like?

As previously mentioned, Wednesday was my birthday.  Usually we do something with family, dinner and the likes.  But considering recent circumstances - losing Evie and Micah's unfortunate aversion to nighttime sleep - I really just wanted a day to myself.  So my parents took care of Micah and even kept him for the night allowing me a peaceful day and a very restful night.

My first stop was my six-week postpartum doctor's visit.  My doctor, although she wasn't involved in Evie's arrival at all, had heard her crazy birth story and so we chatted about that for a while.  I gave a Christmas card and Evie's birth announcement to her and to both sets of reception teams with my blog address written on the back.  Please pray they were/will be well received and maybe some individuals will be prompted to visit my blog and hopefully be introduced to the Lord and His goodness.  

A friend had given me a giftcard to a local spa and for the first time ever I had a massage and a facial.  I was a little anxious at first but it was ... kind of amazing.  I loved the services I received and the employees were so nice.  But my favorite part had to be after it was all over.  They had a small lounge area and invited me to stay as long as I wanted.  I helped myself to the complimentary coffee and just sat in the peaceful lounge area and pondered life.  It really was perfect.  

Lounge area at the Flowering Almond Spa

Window overlooking the swan terrace.

Afterwards I ate lunch at my favorite restaurant (Panera).  I did some Christmas shopping.  Josh and I went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then snuggled on the couch and watched some Netflix.  And he even softly sang happy birthday to me after we turned out the lights for bed.  Good day.  Good day indeed.

So that's that.  Thanks for checking in on us.  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. sounds so wonderful!! I am so glad! I was praying on Wednesday that you would have some moments to yourself -- so glad you got the WHOLE day and night!! <3

  2. I would take that on my birthday, too! I'm glad you got time to rest and reflect and be pampered!

    1. Running around with a little boy is so exhausting, as I'm sure you know! It was really nice to have a break.

  3. I am so glad your week goes on the record books as a good one, a much needed reprieve from routine, and more. God bless you all <3