Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evie's pictures

I just wanted to write a little note about the photos that were taken of Evie the night she was born.  Those pictures are so special to me, almost sacred.  They hold memories of the time I spent with my sweet little girl.  And not only do they hold special memories, they hold the only memories.  There was only one chance to make memories with Evie and my dear friend Chani was there to capture every single one.  Words can never describe what those photos mean to me.  

I hope you understand then why I haven't shared too many.  Not only are Evie's pictures so very precious to me, they also evoke some very raw emotions.  When I see pictures of Micah as a baby I smile and oooh and ahhh remembering how cute he was and how he used to do this and that.  When I see pictures of Evie I almost gasp.  Pictures of her evoke emotions of pure bliss mixed with deep sadness.  It's a strange combo indeed.  And at least at this point in my grieving process I feel the need to protect my heart from casually seeing her likeness on facebook.  I feel much more comfortable sharing her sweet face here in the privacy of my blog than in a more public and potentially viral setting. 

So if you're wondering why you haven't seen more pictures, that is why.  I will share some here but there will probably never be an Evie album on my facebook page.  But thanks to the kindness and sacrifice of a beautiful photographer whom I have the privilege of calling my friend, I have hundreds of photos in a pink polka-dotted photo album to remind me of my precious girl for many years to come.  A true, true treasure.

Chani, you are a saint.  Thank you seems hardly enough to acknowledge the gift you have given me.  

A family of four for four wonderful hours.

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