Friday, December 21, 2012

curious george party

I just wanted to share some of the special details from Micah's birthday party.  

Curious George desserts

Homemade tissue paper puff balls.
To make: 
fold one piece of tissue paper into 16 squares
ensure all squares are separated and not joined on a fold line 
stack 8 tissue squares 
fold accordion-style
place a paper clip in the center of the accordianed tissue squares
snip ends with scissors in a zigzag pattern
pull up each individual layer until you form a nice puff ball

cake pops
This cake pop holder is just a styrofoam cake dummy purchased at a cake decorating store.  I wrapped it in coordinating tissue paper.  Cut slits in the top to insert cake pops easily.

Curious George cake


  1. you did great job with the cake! How did you draw him so well? The perfect theme. We have a little gift for Micah and will be running errands tonight, perhaps I'll drop it by. If you aren't home, I'll just leave it for him! Happy Birthday Micah!

  2. you know I love those little paper puffs. adorable.