Sunday, November 11, 2012

Evie's memorial

A memorial service is planned for sweet Evie Caris on Saturday 11/17 at 10:30 am at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  If you have been following our story and are interested in coming, we would love to see you there.  I know many of you aren't local but if you happen to be, please know you are more than welcome.  

I am still working on Evie's birth story.  Part II, our time with her, seems so important and I don't know exactly what to share.  But it will come in the next couple of days I hope.  Thanks for being patient with me.


  1. Been lifting you up these past few days my sweet sister in Christ from afar. :)

  2. Although we have never met (I found your link through Lauren Casper's blog) my heart is flooded with grief for your loss and joy for heaven's gain. Thank you for setting an example to choose rejoicing in God's goodness in the midst of pain. I will be praying for you throughout the coming days. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, my sister in Christ.

  3. P.S. Before I even read your blog, my daughter came home from youth group last night and relayed your story to us. She heard about Evie at her home school co-op, too. There are a lot of teens praying for your family this week!