Thursday, October 11, 2012

five years in our home

It's been almost two weeks now, but two Sundays ago (9/30) marked our five year anniversary in our little home!  We love our humble abode and have made many changes over the years to really make it our own.  In celebration, here are a few of my favorite makeover pics.  

Just moved in 10/1/2007
almost five years later
night before we moved in 2007
kitchen circa fall 2009 (could not find an "original" from 2007)
kitchen now

backyard then
backyard last fall before the grass came in
backyard now.  summer dried the grass out a little 
bathroom 2007
bathroom now - remodeled in spring 2008

living room 2009
spring 2011 my husband and father-in-law created this amazing indoor window. it made our house feel so much bigger and brighter.  
I think my favorite thing about my house is the switch from colors (green and plum) to neutrals (mostly whites, browns, silver).  Since our house is quite small (under 800 sq. feet) everything looks so much bigger because of the monochromatic color scheme.  And I love the feelings of cleanliness and serenity it brings.  It has been fun turning our house into a home.  Home sweet home.  


  1. You are right about your colour scheme, it DOES make your place look much bigger! I love it:-) Love grows best in little houses. That's what I always say;-)

  2. Adorable place to dwell! The white is so clean and bright, I love it too. It's fun to make changes, it creates a good sense of accomplishment and adds personality and charm. No matter the size or how full my house has been, I always made it my own. After hours of housework each Monday and Thursday when the kids were little, I would stand in the doorway when they'd gone to bed, and just survey the space, always so thankful and filled with satisfying contentment <3