Friday, October 12, 2012

family fridays

This was a really nice week because Josh had a four day weekend plus a bonus day off yesterday.  It was nice to have him home and just enjoy each other's company.  

my boys enjoying a morning treat (homemade monkey bread)
Josh has been doing so well in school.  I know I say that every week just about, but it always amazes me how impressed his preceptors are with his performance.  His skill levels are quite advanced.  One CRNA told him while filling out his evaluation, "I never give students 10's ... but you are getting 10's."  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  Praising the Lord for this blessing.

Micah is totally into motorcycles and airplanes and all things motorized.  His language totally exploded this week as he started counting to six on his own and has finally mastered some other colors besides blue (pink, purple, brown, yellow, and sometimes red).  He also has the sweetest heart and is quick to say thank you and I love you.  I often ask the Lord to protect his soft heart and allow him to find friends (and eventually a wife) who will not take advantage of his natural sweetness.  And if they do, rest assured this mama bear will come after them a-swinging ;).  

Evie is definitely getting bigger - most days I feel very "full" of her.  :)  She has active periods shortly after I wake up, so each morning I just lay in bed a few extra minutes and cherish some time with my little ladybug.  She also does this crazy thing where I feel punches (or kicks or something) near both of my hips at the same time.  Like she is punching or kicking with both limbs at the same time.  I seriously cannot figure out what she's doing in there.  Maybe one of these days they can catch her in action on an ultrasound visit.  

Evie and me - 33 weeks

I am doing well.  It's a little crazy to think we can expect Evie to come next month.  That seems so close.  

I was just thinking the other day how grateful I am for the prayers of friends and family.  There are times when I feel really close to the Lord Himself, in times of personal prayer and worship, but there are so many times when I feel His presence through the encouraging words of His people.  Every facebook message, comment, blog response, etc. encourages me and lets me know I am not alone.  And while this is certainly not a particularly pleasant time of my life considering the circumstances, I don't consider it a dark time at all.  Every day is filled with sweet fellowship from the Lord and kind words from friends.  And for that I am grateful more than I can ever say.  

Thanks for checking in on us ... have a great weekend.


  1. Well it's mutual...your blog and family updates are a sweet source of encouragement to me! Thanks so much.

  2. you looked so pretty yesterday! I should have told you at Bible Study -- I was thinking it though! Evie is getting big and surely more beautiful by the day! :)