Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ok, let's play Balderdash.  The rules are simple: guess the correct definition of the word provided.  Here goes:


Is it:

a. a greeting used in the Middle East
b. a traditional Jewish holiday pastry
c. the way my son says "high five"

Although it most certainly sounds like a very foreign word it is, indeed, the way Micah says high five.  

A couple of months ago he was playing with his Big Bird plastic figurine.  He kept (what I thought was) smacking the toy in the head and saying "havash!"  I was so confused so I just kept watching him.

I finally realized that the Big Bird toy had it's hand raised up and Micah was giving it high fives.  

It was one of those chuckle to yourself moments when you know this is a story you will be telling in the years to come.  

I thought he would eventually catch on because his language skills are really quite good and he says most words with little to no confusion as to their interpretation.  Havash is one exception, and it lives strong.  The others include:

fashee (coffee)
shabaw (football)

I know, I know so crazy!  And why my fair-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy is channeling Middle Eastern languages is beyond me.  But it is pretty cute and makes us laugh every time.  

And here's another one that cracks me up.  In this photo, he's giving us a "sums up!" Obviously we need to work on what thumbs are haha!  What a guy.


  1. Ahh, the language of the little's, smile makers! He gets 2 sums up from Aunt P!

  2. hahahaha oh my! That's so cute!! "Mato" is still my favorite word he says. ;) Such a sweet little boy!!