Friday, September 14, 2012

family fridays

Ok, so here's what we've been up to lately ...

Josh is doing so incredibly well in his clinicals.  In the last couple of weeks he has received two job offers.  Not really, but basically two different CRNAs he has worked with have said to him, hey can you graduate this December instead of next December ... we'd like to have you working with us.  Needless to say that is an impossible request, but quite a compliment if you ask me!  Lately he has been doing lots of vascular surgeries (on veins and arteries) and comes home pretty mentally exhausted, but happy.  

Micah is just amazing.  We talk all the time about what a little boy he is becoming.  And the older he gets the more he reminds me of his daddy.  They walk the same.  They make the same faces.  They have similar senses of humor.  At this current moment he is supposed to be in bed for the night and yet keeps calling for me, "Mommmmyyyy, we ahhh youuuuu?"  I just love that kid.

Micah wearing his "hemit".  He insists on wearing it while riding his power wheel. Safety first!

Evie is growing big.  She gets hiccups a few times a day and I always love feeling those little ticks.  

I forgot to post this story when it happened like a month ago but ... about a month ago Josh and I were on the couch watching a movie.  He was sort of reclined up against me when Evie kicked him so hard he sat up and gave me a weird look.  "It wasn't me!" I said.  Josh thought I had elbowed him off of me when in fact it was Evie protesting the encroachment on her space!  My feisty little girl. :) 

She only has about 11 weeks left to grow inside of me, so please pray that she will grow as big and as strong as God will let her so that we can have as much time with her as possible.  And of course, as always, maybe throw in a little something about how we'd still love a miracle.  

Evie and me, 28 weeks

I am doing pretty well.  But the reality of only about 11 weeks left in this pregnancy and that it most likely means saying goodbye to my little sweetie is kind of heavy at times.  And I've been thinking about funerals and memorials so much more lately and so, unfortunately, have been dreaming about them and waking up feeling startled and frightened.   

But I truly am excited to meet my little girl soon.  I think she'll have dark hair and look a lot like me as a baby.  I don't know, just my mother's intuition.  But I know she will be beautiful.  

I plan to take my little man to the air show at one of our naval bases tomorrow.  I hope he likes it.  I'll post pics next week.

Thanks for checking in on us.  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. If she looks like you she'll be gorgeous... but yes, either way she'll be lovely. Praying as always.

    I love Micah in that helmet - so funny! I'm so glad he and "Mato" are buddies! :)

  2. By my count, Evie will have 7 nationalities in her gene pool: Greek (lots), German, French, Dutch, Irish, British, and Native American. Maybe that means she'll look like...uh...Micah? Who looks like you when he does his very cute slightly wrinkly-nose-and-squinty-eyes smile (and he looks like Josh when he does his "cheese" smile).

  3. I always think it's nice when girls look like their moms, who are generally prettier than their dads (HAH!) but, it's always amazing to see what the gene pools will bring. I know she'll be the cutest lil' baby ever!! Micah is adorable. I love seeing babies turn into people. It's amazing, and just totally makes your heart smile to hear their words and see their funny faces.