Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last weekend my little man and I ventured out to the annual NAS Oceana Airshow.  We met up with my wonderful in-laws and Micah had a blast.  Just wanted to share some pics.

Micah wore these ear protectors almost the entire time.  Josh uses them for the drums and so Micah thinks they're really cool.  It worked out well at the noisy airshow!

Wouldn't you know, my little motorist would find a "cyco" at the airshow. :) 

Micah, showing off his big cheese, and Pappa.

Watching the "a-panes"

Micah was really concerned with the "moke" trailing from the planes. He still talks about it.

Micah and Mamma

It was a beautiful sunny day

Me and my two little loves, Micah and Evie

We got to sit in a helicopter.  Very cool.

Micah was mesmerized by the control panel up front, which we weren't allowed to touch (understandably).

We left shortly after this shot.  The untouchable helicopter control panel was a bit too much for a tired toddler to handle.
We left pretty quickly to ensure no meltdowns, but we really enjoyed our time there.  Definitely going again next year!

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  1. Micah's vocabulary is really doing well--especially on all the really important terms for life: cyco, hemet, a-pane, moke, rrrrr, etc.