Tuesday, August 7, 2012

His mercies endure forever

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever.  Psalm 138:8

Even in the midst of this trial with Evie I can see the Lord's hand at work.  One of the tenderest mercies He has given me has actually been in the way He has been preparing my heart over the last year or so.  

Shortly after Micah was born I started to regularly attend the Ladies Bible Study at my church.  I also spent a summer and fall in the Ladies Sunday School class.  And the Lord also impressed upon my heart that I should spend more time reading for recreation, specifically books that would grow my Christian faith.  

The combination of all three of these components along with regular church attendance really challenged me to grow in my walk with the Lord.  Through personal study and having the ability to share and learn from others, I developed new ideas of what it really meant to trust God, love God, surrender to Him, and praise Him despite my circumstances.  

When we heard the news of Evie, then, it was such a tremendous blessing to already have these truths about God, His character, and His sovereignty hidden in my heart.  Honestly, I didn't really struggle with doubting God or His purpose because my heart already knew that He was in the midst of it.  Again, I want to emphasize that this road has never been easy, but I can rest easy in the promises of the Father.  And the other day I finally put a complete thought together of how I feel about God allowing me to hide His words in my heart before being presented with this trial.

My Teacher allowed me to study for over a year before I had to take my test.  

That, my friends, is divine mercy at it's finest.

I wanted to leave you with a list of the "textbooks" that I think have helped prepare my heart.  I hope they can be a blessing to you as well.

Fingerprints of God, Jennifer Rothschild (devotional workbook)
Hinds' Feet on High Places, Hannah Hurnard
A Woman's Call to Prayer, Elizabeth George
A Woman After God's Own Heart, Elizabeth George (devotional workbook)
How I Know God Answers Prayer, Rosalind Goforth
The Sermon on the Mount, John Stott (devotional workbook)
50 People Every Christian Should Know, Warren Wiersbe (still not finished with it)
Lies Women Believe, Nancy Leigh DeMoss (still not finished with it)
Redefining Beautiful, Jenna Lucado 


  1. My favorite section of Hinds Feet in High Places.

    For one black awful moment Much-Afraid actually considered the possibility of following the Shepherd no longer, of turning back....She had been following this path with the two companions (Sorrow and Suffering) as guides simply because it was the Shepherd's choice for her. It was not the way which she naturally wanted to go
    "Shepherd," she cried. "Shepherd! help me! Where are you? Don't leave me!" Next instant she was clinging to him, trembling from head to foot, and sobbing, "You may do anything - ask anything, only don't let me turn back. Oh my Lord, don't let me leave you.”
    He lifted her up, supported her, and wiped her tears away, then said…"It is no less true now that 'what I do thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know hereafter.' 'My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.' It is perfectly safe for you to go on in this way even though it looks so wrong….” Then he went on, "Will you bear this too, Much-Afraid?...Will you still trust and love me?"

    She was still clinging to him and now repeated with all her heart…"whither thou goest I will go.”

    Considering how steep was the descent into the valley, it seemed surprisingly easy, but perhaps that was because Much-Afraid desired with her whole will to make it in a way that pleased the Shepherd.

  2. Oh, Sarah, how true and right these insights are! Loving God's word and feeding your soul on its teachings have indeed been the source of your strength for this trial. May other women consider your example and do the same. As you continue to delight yourself in Him it will be His joy to give you your heart's desires. I will anticipate all that He is going to do in and through you!