Friday, August 24, 2012

family fridays

Lots of pics to share this week ... hope you enjoy!

Well last weekend Micah and I took a trip up to Pennsylvania to visit my dad's family.  More specifically, we went to celebrate my Grandma's 75th birthday.  It was the first time I had ever traveled with Micah and things went well.  He was very good in the car, warmed up to everyone quickly, and even slept through the night in a strange bed.  It was nice to see family and spend time catching up.  

At Grandma's surprise party.  Michelle (my sister), Micah, me, my mom, and my dad.  

I tied a helium balloon to Micah's pants so it wouldn't float away. It entertained him for quite some time! 

My sleeping sweetie.  We shared the twin-sized air mattress.  

Pop, Gram, Mommy, and Micah (and Evie)

Right before he fell asleep on the way home, snuggled with his jooge and his bankik (blanket).
As anyone knows a return home from a weekend away means a mountain of chores.  Micah decided to help me vacuum on Monday.

He kept telling me the vacuum was "hebby!"  (heavy)

Micah, show us your big cheese!
One of his favorite toys is an old deactivated cell phone for which we still have the charger so it actually works.  He loves to talk on it.

Last night Josh and I attended the welcome party for ODU's newly admitted nurse anesthesia class.  It was kind of crazy to think that one year ago his journey in CRNA school had just begun and now he's like an old pro.  12 months down, 18 to go! 

Josh and me and Evie.  She and I are certainly growing! 

My family <3
 Thanks for checking in on us.  Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. So glad the trip was a success! Way to go Micah!! You look beautiful! Evie's getting big - I love it! :)