Friday, August 3, 2012

family fridays

Friday already!?  This week went by fast.

Josh - left for San Fran this morning for the AANA Conference.  He'll be gone for six days and tells me that he will report all the amazing food he will be eating for free.  I'm only slightly jealous ... 

Micah - he's a little parrot!  He tries to repeat everything we say.  His new attempts today: pocket (po-pic), pumpkin (pu-kin), and food processor (sessor).  

Look at that face.  I just want to gobble him up most days <3
Evie - I have a feeling my little girl is a feisty one.  She responds much more strongly and frequently to external stimuli than Micah did.  She notices if I eat or drink something cold or if someone or something is encroaching on her space.  But she does love walking with me.  When I take walks I don't really feel her moving.  I imagine she is being gently rocked side to side, lulled to a peaceful sleep.

Me - two words: wedding cake.  I am making one for a friend tomorrow (ahhh!) and so have been doing a little each day to prepare.  Today is the big fill and ice day, tomorrow I put all the pieces together.  Say a little prayer for me and that my work of art will not be swayed by the pull of gravity.

A picture of what the finished product is "supposed" to look like.   Please no judging if you see my cake and it looks ... different ;)
Thanks for checking in on us.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. As soon as I saw what you wrote, I put my money in my po-pic, jumped on a cable car, bought a pu-kin cake mix, put all the ingredients in the food sessor and set the timer.