Saturday, August 18, 2012

blog makeover

About a year ago I decided to start blogging more regularly.  I wanted my blog to be a place to chronicle my musings as a stay-at-home wife/mommy - cleaning tips, recipes, kiddy antics.  And so the not-so-harried housewife was born.  And she served me well for a little while.

But now I feel the Lord has dropped a unique opportunity in my lap, one that I can't ignore.  I now feel a leading to purpose my blog to encourage those whose hearts are hurting, much like mine, and turning them to Christ.  

And so I have renamed and refaced my blog.  The new title comes from my daughter's name, Evie Caris, which in fact means life and grace.  God is using her to change me and I want to share that journey with you.  

So the not-so-harried housewife has made way for my new blog address: sriekelifeandgrace.  Thank you so much for keeping up with my story thus far; it is truly an encouragement to me.    

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  1. Great idea to title your new blog after our baby! We all feel a need to "memorialize" Evie (to preserve a meaningful memory of her, of what we wanted to experience with her if we had been given the chance, and what little experiences we might still have with her between now and her departure from us). The "little feet on the wall" idea (in your previous post) is nice, but I'm guessing that wall will get repainted eventually. Your new blog, even if it gets taken down someday, will most likely be preserved in one form or another for a long time. Just what we all needed as a shout-out to the whole world that we have loved our baby and that we always will, in this life and the next.