Thursday, August 16, 2012

baby feet

Yesterday I had my farewell appointment at the Midwifery Center at DePaul.  Because of Evie's condition and the care she and I will need throughout this pregnancy and after she is born, we have decided to officially transfer my care to the experts at EVMS (Eastern VA Medical School) and CHKD (Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters).  

It was a pretty emotional visit for me.  I had such an amazing experience birthing Micah there with the assistance of the midwives and it was sad to think I wouldn't be able to welcome my little girl to the world in the same way.  Additionally, if I end up needing a c-section this time around I will not be allowed to return to the Midwifery Center for future births.  Just a couple of heavy items I had to face.

But the hardest part of all was the foot wall.  All babies born in the Center have their feet painted onto the surrounding wall, accompanied by their name and birth stats.  

Micah's little baby footprints.
I am not actually sure who did this for us (although I am grateful they did!), but someone put a post-it note right next to Micah's feet, reserving that spot for Baby Rieke #2.  

It was a hard thing for my heart to realize there would be no pink footprints next to Micah's, but a friend recommended that I ask the midwives if I could do something to commemorate Evie.  I thought I would just get to paint a little heart near his feet and put her name there.  But Nell, the midwife I saw yesterday, said through tears of sweet sympathy that it would be an honor to paint a heart in the reserved spot and put Evie's birth stats, just the same as Micah has.  

That was just the medicine my hurting soul needed.  It may seem small to some, but it meant a lot to me.

Yes, our last name is spelled horribly wrong, but it's reserved for my Evie nonetheless.
Micah at six weeks old, getting his feets painted for the wall.

I remember he had blue paint under his toenails for like a week, it would not come off haha! 


  1. Oh Sarah, I am SO GLAD they'll let you. And even for future births (v-bacs) you can still be midwifery, and just deliver in l&d - but the feet go on the wall (Like Mel Simmons). Can't WAIT to see those precious stats on the wall. That will be a wonderful sight:-) I too, am a sucker for those walls with my babies "paw" prints on them!

  2. I had been wondering about the spot on the wall for Evie. Those ladies at the Midwifery center are so sweet!! God bless them! I will be praying specifically that you will be allowed to have future babies at the Midwifery center at DePaul.