Sunday, July 29, 2012

family fridays

Yes, I realize it's Sunday.  You have my permission to subtract ten points for tardiness.  

Here's what we've been up to:

Josh - Had a pretty easy week.  He continues to do well in his clinicals and impress his preceptors.  I am so proud of him.  Pray for him this week ... he has to take his finals early (Thursday instead of next week) because next week he will be in San Francisco for the annual meeting for the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA).  Phew!  What a mouthful.  

My boys, intently watching something on youtube.

Micah - I can't tell you how much I love this kiddo.  He is becoming more and more independent, which makes me smile but also makes me a little sad.  

The most hilarious thing he started doing recently is saying mommy and daddy with a crazy southern draw.  So he just looks at us sometimes and says, "momm-may, dadd-day".  We have no idea where he got that from, but it's pretty hilarious.  

He also used to read a couple of books on my lap in his rocking chair before bed and snuggle with me for a few minutes before I laid him down.  He will now occasionally insist on reading in his rocker on his own.  "Welf, welf" he'll say (his word for self).  And instead of snuggles he chats with me about his day and what is in his room, etc.  It's really quite adorable and I know it's just another step to him growing up.

He also says "I love you" and "Thank you mommy (or daddy)" so sweetly and quite often.  It melts our hearts, of course.

And I must mention how his boyness just comes out more and more each day.  He and daddy love to "box" and Micah spent (no joke) about ten minutes yesterday evening boxing and punching the couch.  It just cracked me up.  

Pray for him as he enters this new independent phase, complete with having a mind and agenda of his own.  And pray for me, for wisdom and guidance for how to train him well.

Micah and I at a petting zoo hosted by the local library.  He loved brushing the horses and donkeys and petting the bunny.

Micah, talking to yiayia after the petting zoo.
Evie - I am pretty certain my Evie girl recognizes the voices of her daddy and big brother.  Anytime one of them is near me and chatting she just starts wiggling around.  She especially wiggles a lot when Micah is on my lap reading stories.  

The other morning she and I just happened to be awake when Josh woke up at 4:30 for clinicals.  I told him somebody wanted to say good morning to him and put his hand on my belly.  Sure enough, Evie was saying good morning to her Daddy with little bumps and kicks.  Even though it was dark, I knew Josh was smiling.  

Continue to pray for my sweetie.  Miracles certainly are not out of the spectrum of possibility.  I assure you, I pray for one about eighty times a day.  But please also pray that she grows big and strong enough for us to spend as much time with her as possible.

Me - pray for me this week!  I am making a wedding cake for a friend!  It's just a bit of pressure since I want to do well for her and I know it will be photographed, etc. etc.  

Pray for me and how to best handle the situation surrounding Evie's health.  It is nigh impossible to put thoughts of her out of my mind so I have to learn how to function in this new "normal".  I am so grateful for her and the opportunities she has already given me to share Christ.  Pray that I will take all opportunities and "know how to answer every man who asks of the hope that is in me" (1 Peter 3:15).

Me and Evie, 22 weeks 

Me and Micah, 23 weeks in the same shirt haha!

Thanks for checking in on us.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. You look well Sarah.
    I was overwhelmed with emotion this morning thinking of, and praying for, Evie Caris and her loved ones. Our very dynamic guest speaker at church was Christine Caine. She taught about our God of possible impossibilities, using Abraham's Sarah as an example.
    Stay hope filled Sarah, one way or another, Evie's life purpose will be completely and perfectly fulfilled <3

  2. Psalm 27:16
    I would have fainted unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

    I've always loved how this verse reminds us that there are so many great things the Lord does for us now, and will do for us soon, in THIS world, on this side of heaven, perhaps with Josh's career, perhaps with Micah's life, perhaps with your 1000 gifts, perhaps even with Evie's life.

  3. You're so lovely Sarah! I'm so glad both of your dear children have you for a Mommy. We were just telling James the other day about how he would respond to our voices immediately after he was born, because he already recognized us!! I love that babies already know to love the people who have waited FOREVER for their arrival. <3 I'm praying for you and Josh. I'm so glad you two had that special moment with Evie the other morning. I love you!